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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Pink Donut Shaped Cake.

Pink Donut Shaped Cake.

This week our girl got her SATS exam results and we were so proud of her. In our family we love to celebrate each other as much as we can, so I just had to make her a fun cake to show how much we love Naomi and celebrate her achievements. 

I made a regular sponge cake, but then had a little experiment with some food colours, I mean why not? it is my girl after all. 

Taking a small batch from the cake mix I added a little splash of blue and another pink.

Mix it up and add to the tin, I decided to use this bundt tin as I thought it would be fun to make the cake look like a giant donut.

I built up the layers of different colours and gave it a little swivel with a skewer, no idea what that would do? Like i said it was an experiment.

Bake for about 40mins then allow it to cool for about 10 minutes before attempting to remove from the tin.

This bit is often quite nerve racking as you wonder will it come out perfect or will it stick? I have to say these 'Silverwood' tins are amazing, you might have noticed if you are a bake off fan that they used this brand on the show. A little tip is to butter grease your tin throughly then dust with flour, then the cake should release from the tin perfectly.

Allow it to completely cool before icing.

I covered the cake in a pink icing and hundreds and thousands to give it that perfect sticky pink donut look.

Added a few celebratory stars from 'Meri Meri'

Ready to enjoy when Naomi came home, she got the honour of cutting the cake.

So who knew that this would be the pattern inside, it certainly added a bit of fun to each slice.

I know lots of families will be celebrating their kids success this week and next, and also later on in the summer with GCSE and A level results. Whatever stage of life they are at, its always good to give them all the praise and encouragement, our kids can only do their best, even though a few failures may happen on the way, to always know in this home you will be celebrated no matter what is so important. 

Caroline x

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