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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Denim Chambray Necklace

Denim Chambray Necklace

If you saw last weeks blog you would have seen I made a fun Gingham necklace using marbles, today I am sharing as promised a new variation on that design using this fab neon ribbon for that extra dimension.

I have cut a section of denim chambray cotton on a diagonal, this helps with the stretch around the marble. I pinned sections of ribbon along to create the main feature of the necklace, folded and stitched to make a channel. 

Once the fabric is turned out you have the ribbon loops in a perfect row ready to make the necklace.

I added the marbles in just the same way as I did on the gingham necklace last week, then I secured with white cotton thread.

For extra colour I added this shot of pink wrapped around each section covering the base stitching, looped around 10 times, then securing with a few back stitches on the back side to the design so it won't be seen when worn.

On this design I added a contrast ribbon for the tie around the neck. Pin it in place then secure with a machine stitch a few times.

One done another one to go. A little tip is to start stitching from the centre and back, if you start from the edge the machine is likely to drag it down into your spool case bobbin and make a knotted mess underneath, try it on a scrap of fabric you'll see what I mean. 

And there you have it one fab funky marble necklace.

There are so many possibilities with this idea, I could go on making more and more, but I won't bore you with that. But hey, I would love to see your creations, so do tag us if you have a go at this simple idea, let us know we love to hear from you.

If you didn't see last weeks gingham blog go check it out and follow the link here 


Have a happy Monday 

Caroline x

Pink Donut Shaped Cake.

Pink Donut Shaped Cake.

Gingham Necklace.

Gingham Necklace.