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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Weekend Walks

Weekend Walks

As a family we love to get out walking, but its often the case for us and many families that weekends become so busy with birthday parties, sports and other social activities. Along with house chores and weekend jobs, like the garden and decorating etc... Pure family time seems to get pushed to one side. As a family we often stop and take stock of what we are up to, where we are going what plans we have ahead. what can we cancel in the diary in order to have quality family time, what kids parties can we skip for the things that kind of matter more. When you receive that birthday party invite for your child to a party who's name you've never heard and even your own child doesn't actually really play with them. Those dreaded invite the whole class parties! Don't tell me you've not skipped a few of those!

I think its just a reality of our busy lives that we really need to carve out the time to be together and go places with no agenda but to enjoy each others company.

Our kids like nothing better than to get out into the country and get some fresh air, run around and play in the great outdoors.

This walk is literally a stones throw from out back door, walking out towards the farmers fields and round the back country lanes, there are not many cars so we can be free to walk safely without worry. Its wonderful to see how content our children become in this environment.

Walking through what feel like little woodland secret passages, and spotting natures treasures as we go, this is just the sort of day we love.

The more you go walking with the kids the more they seem to enjoy the experience. We walk to school and back each day and I think this has really helped them with their ability and stamina to do these longer adventurous walks. If you make things a habit then they won't complain.

Its lovely to know we have this countryside on our doorstep, granted its by no means the Lake district as you know we love, but its still away from the hustle and bustle of the town and city.

We love spotting little flowers and bugs.

And its the perfect time to chat and communicate well with our kids, find out how they are doing what they are struggling with, how they are feeling, how is school really going. All these things sometimes get overlooked in the busyness of home life, but when you get out and about for a walk you can have brilliant heart to hearts with your kids.

And of course they are never shy to pose for a family pic!

I also find our children enjoy each other better when they get out and about, there is little fighting between them and they are the best of friends.

They can also show off their independence, like Joshua here striding out on his own.

When out on walks a stick is never far from the hands of our boys, its just what boys do!

Swords, light sabre's or a rifle, the imagination runs free.

And you can't get out into the country without a bit of tree climbing !

Here in this picture we don't have much further to go, that stick will probably make its way to our back garden and join the collection of other sticks left at the back door one day to be made into something, our sneaked into the house and hidden under their bed. 

The kids slept well that evening because of all the walking and fresh air in their lungs. There is nothing better they have been wild and free. If you are finding life busy, we want to challenge you, take a look at the calendar what activity could you skip? could mowing the lawn wait another day? do you need to clean the house all weekend? Does the car need washed? could that all wait?

Deep down I bet you know the answer given the choice chores or walk? you know what you want to choose. So whilst we still have beautiful weather get yourself out there and enjoy your family, these years fly by.

Give yourself permission to be wild and free, liberated from all the expectations that might be on you and choose to say family first over everything else. 

Caroline x


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