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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Customising a Simple NYC Cap.

Customising a Simple NYC Cap.

Recently Davinder got a simple NYC navy blue cap, and it would be true to say we all wanted to steal it from him as we all suited it!

With this summer heat you definitely need a cover up especially our kids. We managed to pick up another Navy cap from Sainsbury's for Naomi, we loved the preppy look of it on her, and it looked far better than the pink selection on offer in most girls departments. Not that we have a problem with girlie in our house but this Navy just really suits her and we can add our own girlie twist on it right?

As you will know if you read our blog we love a good customising project here at Mad Fun Creative. This is a project that anyone can do with or without sewing skills, well that all depends on how far you want to go with the embellishments! 

So lets get started I had one simple Cap some motifs and embroidery thread. 

The Cap is from Sainsbury's Tu Clothing Men's department and a bargain at only £8 here is the link.


The motifs are from Etsy link below


Certainly browse the rest of this Etsy sellers shop, as they have a brilliant selection of motifs for all kinds of projects and the delivery was really good considering it was from Thailand.

The embroidery threads are from any good craft supplier, I always recommend quality brands like Anchor or DMC, its just not worth using cheap quality substitutes. 

Now you are ready to get started place your motifs in the desired place, till you are happy with the look.

Since a cap is a tricky shape try rolling up a towel to place inside then you can get a good flat press with the iron. Make sure it is a hot iron and use a pressing cloth.

I did also press my hand underneath to get extra firmness when pressing, but do be careful not to burn your fingers.

I wanted to add a little extra with these embroidered flowers, which you don't have to do if you are not confident. The flower is just a simple satin stitch centre with a chain stitched petal around the edge.

And there you have it, the finished cap, how good does that look?

I added a simple stitched flower at the back, it looks so cute with Naomi's braid popping through.

Naomi loves her new Cap.

If you like her T shirt its from Tu clothing at Sainsbury's no longer available online but you might find in store.

I hope this blog post has given you some ideas how you can decorate and customise your own garment or accessory. 

I just love that it becomes unique and one off, thats the beauty of customising clothing.

Till next time 

Peace out 

Caroline x

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