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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Acorn Bank In April

Acorn Bank In April

During April we went up to Cumbria where Caroline's family live. It really is a beautiful place and we did so much and visited so many places. Its a place where as a family we always have fun and get out into the fresh air and go for long walks. One of our favourite places to visit is Acorn Bank which is a part of the National Trust. You can read about our previous visit here: http://www.madfuncreative.com/blog/2015/10/14/acorn-bank?rq=acorn%20bank

For me the view from the front Lawn is priceless.  From the grazing sheep in the valley to the fells in the distance. How stunning is this view and we still have more to explore.

On the main lawn of the house there are always fun activities to do for the children. They love playing with the toys and games left out for families. I love this photo of Joshua trying to balance the juggling ball on his nose while Caleb and Naomi try balancing the balls on their heads.

The former owner Dorothy Una Ratcliffe an amazing woman you can read about her here: http://www.artisan-harmony.com/durplusbutton.htm

She loved flowers and this is evident all around the gardens of the home. There are over 250 varieties of herbs, vegetable patches and traditional fruit orchards to explore at the house. As you know I love painting flowers and Acorn bank for me is always a source of Inspiration. I always  have my handy Canon camera and you will often find me snapping away at the flowers in the beautiful gardens of Acorn Bank. Look at the stunning tulips that surround the walls of the house at this time of year.

I love Photographing doors, these doors have so much history to them and I often wonder who came and went besides Dorothy Una Ratcliffe. Its great to imagine who they could be, bringing this beautiful house to life. The children also love to hear about the history of the house.

 The Blossom trees are an array of colour and beautiful shades of pink as they bloom in this season. 

After playing on the lawns of the house we explore the woodland walk. This is such an adventure for the kids. The woods are a place where you can bring a touch of imagination as we walk past the fairies houses, that line the path. Here are the kids opening the doors to the houses and seeing what an inside of a fairy house looks like. Each house is different and filled with all kinds of interesting Fairy collectables, someone has been looking after them well.

In this photograph you can see the windows of the fairy houses. It truly is a fun adventure for the kids to see and explore.

We love National Trust places for the freedom the kids have to just run about and enjoy the sights and simple pleasures.

At Acorn Bank there is a working watermill, which was left to neglect for many years but is now restored and run by volunteers and makes its very own flour. The kids got the opportunity to grind the wheat using a stone, which was fun.

Here is Naomi grinding the wheat.

After visiting the mill there is so much more to explore and here are the boys running in the woods. It was a race who could be the first one to get to the pond.

Right after this picture was taken Joshua fell into this muddy deep puddle.

Part of the path is surrounded by wild garlic and the smell is so strong and you can actually pick the garlic flower. The photograph below of Joshua looking over the fence, this picture reminds me to stop from the busyness of life and look at whats around you. I think children are great at doing this because at Acorn Bank that is what they do all day. They simply stop and explore and talk about what they have seen, smelt or touched and built.

Snow drops can be found everywhere in the woods and just stopping to photograph them shows how beautiful this flower is and the detail in the flowerhead simply stunning.

One of my favourite spots in the garden is the Pond that is adjacent to the house. Here we had fun looking for the newts and after a few times I managed to catch one. This took me right back to my childhood where I used to catch newts with friends and put them in a jar of water. Again this was a brilliant opportunity to talk to the kids about the newts and let them touch their slimy skins. Afterwards I gently put them back into the pond while we went off to have tea and cake at the cafe which is a deserved treat after our day of exploring. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and would love to get your views or even share your experiences if you have visited Acorn Bank.


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Soft Bright Colour Inspiration.

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