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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Designers Guild

Designers Guild

One of the fun things about being married to a fellow Textile designer is we get to share in our love for all things creative. With both of us coming through University through the nineties inspiration and love for certain designers like Trisha Guild have been strong. We have quite a selection of her books in our home see the small snap shot below. I don't think any other homeware designer experimented with colour quite like she did in the early days of her career starting the company Designers Guild, and now its what she is known for and many others have followed in her path.

But for us she really is the ultimate in colourful interior design and certainly a pioneer of her trade.

As you can see from these pages her colour sense is quite something, she will group the unexpected colour palate and fabric textures. She draws inspiration form her well travelled life in particular India, another reason Davinder particularly loves her work.

Lavish silks and satins with beautiful ornate velvet flocked designs, clashing pinks and reds and orange brights, as seen on the women and men of India.

If you don't know her work then do check out her books, they really are a feast of colour and fill your senses with fabulous inspiration. 

In our home we have never been afraid to experiment with colour, I imagine that some of that has come from loving Trisha Guild and admiring her work through my early Art college days.

I like to change things around a lot in our home I love to recreate the space even if its a simple change of the throw on the back of our rather tired couch ( Three children will do that! ) or painting a fresh new statement wall in a bright shade. Of course we like plenty of family pictures on the wall and we also love to frame found textile pieces we like.

We love this yellow wall already this shot is a little out of date as I have some new picks displayed on that space.

Sometimes its fun to switch things it makes the space feel fresh, its also a good excuse to get the vacuum out and clean behind the couch where it last was and give it a new location. Bearing in mind our three lovely children, you can find assorts of little treasure hiding, some great like long lost lego peices others not so great like popcorn from your last movie night, or worse still the odd raisin. Despite my kids diving on this couch and throwing my precious cushions around the room, I did opt to treat myself to just 1 metre of lovely Designers Guild fabric to make two statement cushions for the couch they are the bold floral ones sat alongside the villa nova fabric cushions I made, and my fun black and white ikea cushion. I decided If I wanted a little small touch of designers guild in my home then homemade cushions were the way.

Any way on our last shopping trip to the lovely John Lewis Davinder and I came across these amazing Designer's Guild Candles and reed diffusers, so we thought we would share them with you.

How beautiful is this packaging! we wanted to buy them all but since they are not an essential item and we recognise there are "needs and wants" we resisted the temptation to buy hence the snap shots from the shelves. But hey if any of you lovely readers want to buy us one as a gift you go ahead that would be totally justified. 

The style and simplicity of the package design is lovely with the little black tag, and the gorgeous  painted floral.

The fragrance of each candle and reed diffuser was also very lovely, again just really nice containers with the embossed Designers Guild logo and the simple band of print around the top.

So if you happen to be visiting a John Lewis store go and check them out or you can browse all Designers Guild product online at the link below.


I hope this colourful display has brightened up your day, especially if its a rainy one like we have here.

Back again soon

Caroline x


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