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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Pace Eggs

Pace Eggs

A great Easter and very British tradition is making these pace eggs, I remember making them when I grew up and they would traditionally be eaten on good Friday and throughout the Easter weekend. 

Traditionally the eggs would also be rolled down a hill and the one that cracked the least would be the winner. It was also custom back in the day to give these eggs to visitors. 

Its still a really nice thing to do and the eggs are of course thoroughly edible once cooked.

You basically wrap the eggs in onion skins tied up with string. Red onions add a striking alternative to the traditional brown.

Cover them as best you can.

Make sure the string is well fastened.

Pop them in a pan of cold water.

Boil them as usual until the egg is hard.

Scoop them out and unwrap.

And there you have it pretty marbled eggs.

Now its up to you what you now do, you can give them as gifts, roll them down a hill or two or just eat them. Its a fun tradition so get collecting those onion skins now, ready for good Friday and make these with your family.

Have fun.

Caroline x

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