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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Denim Chambray Dress

Denim Chambray Dress

I've really been enjoying getting back into dress making recently, its lovely to make something for yourself and that sense of achievement that comes with it. I've picked up quite a few patterns over the past few months from Sew Magazine who have teamed up with Simplicity Newlook pattern company. The magazine has often inspired me to get back into making new outfits, something I did a lot of a few years back. I guess because I do so many different things these days, making a dress for myself is not high on the to do list. 

Here is a link to the Sew Magazine 


Once I got going with this dress it soon came together and with minimal pattern pieces its relatively easy. I used this lovely soft denim cotton Chambray with a white dot within the weave of the fabric. The fabric is from John lewis by Robert Kaufman and costs £16 per metre. Its 150cm wide and depending on the size you make you will need anything from 1.6 to 2 metres. It also requires an invisible zip, this is not as bad as you think it might be to put in, but if you are unsure perhaps buy a small zip to practice with, and test your skills on a scrap of fabric before adding a zip in the final dress.

Here is the link to this fabric if you wish to purchase.


As long as you follow the pattern correctly you should find this dress straight forward to make, the only tricky section as I mentioned is the zip. The hem can be machine stitched and I like to have my overlocker on stand by to finish off all the seams. If you don't have an overlocker you could just use a zig zag stitch which you should find on any basic machine.

In this picture you can really see how nice the weave structure is of this fabric.

And here is the finished dress I realise in this lighting the colour looks quite different but since this fabric is still in store you could shop for yourself to see if its right for your project. You always need a lightweight cover up with any summer outfit here in England, and the great thing about this dress is that really any colour would go, but I think you'll agree this yellow cardigan from Boden (Last year) really makes this outfit complete, along with these bright red beads, a very old purchase from Joules clothing. You will also spot this lovely new Accessorize bag which featured on the blog just the other week.

These sandals I am wearing with the dress are from Saltwater, this is their third summer and they are still going strong, I would certainly recommend this brand as an investment buy, When I first got them the leather was so stiff I was unsure they were going to be ok for me, It suggested in the labelling that getting them wet was a good idea for moulding them into shape. I took that advice to the extreme and wore them in the most ridiculous memorable down pour one summer afternoon at school pick up and got completely drenched to the skin, my feet were soaked but then so was the leather on the sandals, they dried out in no time at all once the fall had stopped and these sandals were officially the most comfortable shoes I have. I can't deny I am tempted to get a new colour this summer so watch this space.

Link for the sandals


Here you can just about see that zip even though its meant to be invisible right! In theory it should just look like a seam and if you were to look up close its not a bad job.

With this pattern you can have various necklines and sleeve styles, I went with the boat neckline but there is the option of a v neckline. I chose a full sleeve but there is also a cap sleeve and sleeveless option.

If you like this bag check out the blog post from the other week for further details and I will also put the link below for where to buy.


Thanks to Davinder for taking these pictures whilst our poor kids sat in the car, oh and for making me laugh a lot. 

I hope you feel inspired some more to get sewing, I posted another blog the other week about making a skirt so go check that one out to if you are interested. 

Have a great day.

Caroline x

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