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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Christmas Baubles

Christmas Baubles

Tomorrow Is Christmas eve and if you are anything like us you will be wanting to keep your kids amused for the day and hopefully wear them out for a full nights sleep, ready for the festivities the next day. 

Of course this is such a last minute post but we thought we would share what we did this week with our kids, you may not have all the resources and materials but an hour of Christmas decoration making is sure to keep your kids happy. You can improvise with card or left over gift wrap whatever you have in your cupboards just go for it.


We bought these paper mache baubles from hobby craft, we had a selection of sequins and tissue paper to decorate with, but as I said you can use gift wrap. If you don't have access to baubles like this you can cut out card circles, how about even adding some sparkle to existing baubles you have, perhaps they are looking a bit tired, let your kids spruse them up a bit. 


All you need is some PVA glue and some cut up pieces of tissue or gift wrap and get sticking.


Caleb in deep concentration.


Because we were sticking to a round bauble it was quite tricky I'd say this won't suit little fingers, so perhaps go with cut out card circles for younger children.


We then stuck lots of sequins to the baubles.


Don't worry about a lot of glue it will dry.


We cut a kitchen roll tube to make a bauble stand to help with the decorating.


The more sequins the better, then leave them to dry.


Our finished decorations.


And finally once dry they can go on the tree. 


Our christmas tree is a real eclectic mix of decorations some of which were gifts to Davinder and I when we got engaged, the rest we have mostly built up over the years as our children buy a new decoration each year, its become a real tradition. 

I hope this idea has given you some last minute inspiration to get crafty on the eve of Christmas.

Have an amazing Christmas 


The Madaher's x

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