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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Chatsworth House Of Style

Chatsworth House Of Style

With only a few days left until 'House of Style' exhibition ends in the beautiful surroundings of Chatsworth house, we thought we better get on it this week and remind people just how amazing this display of fashion history is before it ends on the 22nd of October. Yes you heard me, you literally have 5 days left to get to this. 

Well better late than never to share our images with you, and as you can see blog posts have been a little slim since the summer, but we have plenty in store for you in the coming weeks so get ready to be inspired, we're just getting started. 


This exhibition is a must for any fashion enthusiast, and its a wonderful window into the world of debutant, dukes and duchesses. Chatsworth is one of those places that has successfully reinvented itself for its place in our modern day. Any exhibition I have been to does not disappoint, along with its ever increasing collection of modern art and sculpture its a force to be reckoned with in the best of British places to visit. This exhibit is said to be Chatsworth's most ambitious yet.


As you approach you are met with these collages of images from the family and house, they certainly drew our eye.


As you enter the house you see the costumes worn for the Queens coronation.


This T.shirt by Anna Sui one of my favourite designers shows British model Stella Tennant, the granddaughter of  Andrew cavendish, 11th Duke of Devonshire and his wife Deborah Mitford


We loved the print on this scarf it would be so current even for today.


One room was completely filled with wedding dresses worn by women connected to Chatsworth. It was stunning to see them all in this setting.


Exquisite embroidery on this purse.


It was amazing to get up close to these dresses and see this embroidery.


This book filled with botanical inspiration is stunning.


This dress was created especially for the exhibition for the Duchess and it represented her love of insects and bugs such as bumble bees and butterflies.


We loved this section of the collection showing some of the fancy dress outfits worn during the Devonshire house ball hosted by the Duchess Louise 120 years ago. She was dressed as Queen Zenobia who was the Queen of Syria over 1700 years ago. The dress was made with real silver thread and beaded with semi precious stones and diamonds and gold.


Look at the stunning detail on that hem.


The interesting thing about this ball was that is was documented so well, as the Duchess requested a photographer take posed pictures of all the guests, all of these images were used to create an atmosphere and scene from the ball all those years ago. They were depicted in a ghost like way in the actual room where they had once stood to enjoy this fantastic occasion.


More fantastic fashion from a more up to date era.


You can't ignore this striking and well known image of The Duchess Georgiana who was a fashion icon in her day. the following dress was added to the exhibit and was inspired by the type of clothes she would wear.


This dress was worn by stella Tennant for a vogue fashion shoot designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, it was amazing to see.


As we entered the dining room we saw this wonderful display of modern fashion with both extravagant and understated pieces. 


The dining table was set for the diners in all their finery. Oh what it would be like to sit at this table and eat fine food in this grand setting.


Chatsworth do a wonderful job of including children and they produced this small guide for younger ones to go about spotting through the collection which is a brilliant way to keep them engaged. We didn't take our boys to this exhibit as we knew they would not engage like our daughter did being that little bit older. Davinder and I really wanted to be able to take it all in without distraction, I think that was a wise choice. 

So if you are in the Derbyshire area this week try and catch the last few days of this exhibit if you can. If not then just enjoy our pictures. 

For more information on Chatsworth and this event follow the link, there are also a few short films that might interest you.


I hope you are able to see it

Have a great day

Caroline x

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