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Customised Boys twin pack T.shirts

Customised Boys twin pack T.shirts

As you know I love a fun customising project and this past week I got to decorate this great quality twin pack of t's from Marks and Spencer's for my boy.

Using an old pair of worn out levi jeans I chopped them up to make a great appliqué. 

Joshua's favourite colour is yellow and he loves stars, so this motif was an obvious choice for him. I want to show you just how simply you can customise a garment without too much fuss and complicated stitching. If you have followed other customised blog posts you'll know that this handy iron on paper backed material is my trusted appliqué friend. its super easy to use, you can draw out a simple shape and then iron to your chosen fabric. You then cut out the motif along your drawn image.

You then have an iron on motif, once you have peeled off the paper backing lay it in the perfect place and iron down with a very hot iron, this should secure it just enough to successfully appliqué your image.

I also added some interfacing on the under side of the garment to keep it stable, then I simply ran around the edge of the star with the sewing machine using a satin stitch. This is a great way to finish an appliqué and its fairly easy to do. I think if you have little experience with this then just practice on a scrap of denim or cotton, in particular practice with the mix of fabric as shown here denim onto jersey. Don't forget the interfacing underneath you'll discover how much this helps to keep your project stable.

I wanted to pick out the yellow with a contrast top stitch, this is a double back stitch I have on my machine but an ordinary straight stitch would work equally well, or a hand stitch using embroidery thread.

I added three star motifs one on the front, one on the cuff and another on the back.

This boy could not wait to wear this top he loved it.

The back neck star just adds something to the design, giving it a more sophisticated look. He's already got a ton of great complements wearing this top at the weekend and everyone said They loved the little star on the back. After all he is our little star, well most of the time!

The second design was slightly different but still using the denim, only this time I added a double layer with the grey jersey. Again I am using all the same materials to iron the appliqué in place and keeping the work stable with interfacing underneath.

I wanted the grey jersey to have a raw edge look so I didn't worry too much about the cut edge.

Each letter was carefully satin stitched on the machine just like the star was.

I then went for a contrast top stitch again using red which always looks great with navy and white stripes.

It may look difficult to achieve this look but honestly its not at all and with a little practice you could be appliquéing your way through your entire kids wardrobe!

And there you have it one very happy child, loving his new tops.

We went with the dude theme since he models the dude look so well with his little cap from Marks and Spencer's. One thing I would say when you are doing a project like this is quality is everything, and if you have become confident at sewing and want to make something unique like this then I don't think there is much point in using poor quality clothing. So always check the cloth before you start as its always a shame if you finish a project but the fabric of that garment wears out really quickly. Quality does not always have to be expensive but certainly shop around for the best item and price.

The great thing about customising is no one will have anything quite like the one you have made so go for it grab some fabric and get imagining some great motifs for your kids clothes.

I couldn't be happier with this little duo, and Joshua was very proud to wear them to.

Do let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions about the products I use, ask away in the comments box below. We'd love to hear from you.

Have a great weekend guys.

Caroline x

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