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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Quilted Liberty bag

Quilted Liberty bag

This past week I've been working on some great sewing projects and I want to share this one with you today. Believe it or not this classic Liberty tana Lawn print has been in my fabric stash for years!

Its only now that I seem to be lifting my head from the season of mothering a small child at home and beginning to enjoy all my lovely fabrics and half cut out garments and getting projects completed.  

Davinder often tells me finish one project before you start another! Let me tell you now that is never going to happen, its always nice to have a variety of projects on the go that you can turn your hand to when the mood takes you.

Although this fabric has been with me a few years now, these fun red bag handles have not. These were a recent purchase from my local market. You can get these type of handles from many good sewing and craft shops.

To make a bag I drew myself a suitable shape and cut out the fabric. I then sandwiched together some cotton wadding and cotton muslin to back it.

With a ruler I simply drew a grid on the reverse lightly with a pen and proceeded to stitch down each line to quilt the fabric.

This is a very easy thing to do, just make sure your fabric is secure against the wadding so that it does not move when stitching. I decided to use a large piece of bonda web to iron in place with the wadding, then I knew it would be secure.

I made some sturdy tabs to slot through the handle and secure to the bag. For this I used an interfacing underneath and a double fabric layer folded twice. Since this part of the bag will take all the weight it has to be strong.

Cut the tape into four and pin to the bag. I then cut a dark blue fabric to make the bag lining and facing right sides together stitch all the way round with bag handles secured into the seam and leaving the bottom edge open to turn out the right way. I stitched a double stitch where the handles attached for that extra strength needed.

I pinned the bag edges together and top stitched all the way round making sure it was as straight as possible.

I love adding little finishing touches and this red and white grosgrain ribbon really set the pattern off well. 

I added a little tie then stitched it in place with this beautiful illustrated fabric covered button.

Davinder picked this button up for me somewhere in Paris, I have a few more like it, along with some I already used. Do you remember the customised button cardigan I made and featured on the blog around this time last year in fact. Here is a link to that if your curious. https://davinder-madaher.squarespace.com/config/pages

Here you can see that dark blue lining.

There you have it a perfect little bag to store all my bits and bobs when out and about this spring/ summer.

Really happy with the way it turned out. 

It looks great with my bright yellow Hobbs mac.

Its big enough to fit a craft project on the go or a magazine and iPad etc.. 

I hope you've enjoyed todays blog for more crafty inspiration go check out other posts on our blog and leave us a comment. We love to hear from you. If you love Liberty fabrics here is a link to their online store. I have linked the page to this particular classic print.


Hope you feel inspired

Caroline x

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