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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Dalit Goods Co.

Dalit Goods Co.

Today I wanted to highlight this great organisation called 'Life Association', who for the past 20 years have worked to raise awareness, of the difficulties faced by the Dalit people in India. Dalit people have suffered through history under the Caste system in India, Dalits being known as the very lowest of people and referred to as untouchables. This group of people have suffered unimaginable hardship and discrimination, through poverty, slavery, trafficking and sex trade. The children of these people have been most at risk, not only are they at risk of all the above but also unable to obtain education and healthcare.


Life Association have been working with the Dalit people to provide education, healthcare and a safe loving environment for them to flourish into young adults, and trying to break down cultural barriers which have held these people back.

Just 6 years ago along with their good work throughout India they launched 'Dalit goods Co' in order to widen their outreach in raising awareness of the Dalit plight, and also to raise funds for the work they do.

They produce a range of beautiful products, which then put back into the communities providing work and valuable income.

As you can see the range is beautifully packaged, above is a set of hand painted coasters and the soap packaged in a lovely container making it perfect for a gift.

I think so often we take everything we have around us for granted, our access to free healthcare, education, clean water, sanitation. We want all the very best and latest technology and we have little thought for those less fortunate.

I think if you really want to support a great cause, how about putting some of these items on your christmas list, they are beautifully made and with a story to tell would make an ideal gift for someone.

I love these candles they are so simple, the pots are hand crafted in Dharavi one of India's largest slums and they provide a steady income for the potters who live there.

I think its an excellent idea that these pots could be used as wedding favours, and would be a lasting token from your special day, and you would be supporting a great cause in giving them.

If you are interested in this organisation and wish to find out more about sponsoring the project with monthly donations,or purchase products, head to the link below. 

Please do read further with their website as they give a much broader picture about the plight of the Dalit people and you will find it of great interest.


I hope you have enjoyed this Monday's post and feel inspired to support this great cause.

Caroline x

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