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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Floral Radio Sounds.

Floral Radio Sounds.

Today I am sharing with you all, this little piece of Joy. A radio with my husbands floral print design on!

Yes Davinder got to have one of his designs on a small compact digital radio. We really deliberated about wether or not we should have purchased this from Sainsbury's, since its not a great need, but then again we don't yet have much in the way of digital radio in our home. But really how could you not buy, and when has he ever had a design on a radio before? 

Of course printed radio's in a retro style package have become quite the thing, with the likes of Cath Kidston and Orla Kiely adding their prints to famous brands.

As you can see in the images here, its a very compact radio, it also has a sleep and Alarm function, so would be perfect by the bedside. Not only does it look good it has a great clear sound to.

A small but handy little traditional looking volume control at the front, far better than pressing a button when your half asleep.

In this image you get a good view of that lovely watercolour floral.

I love the radio its such a comfort, I tend to hop around the various stations, tolerating Radio 1 for my children but secretly quite enjoying some of it, I love Radio 4 when I'm home alone and able to listen without the kids, woman's Hour is an absolute favourite in the mornings, and If I can't listen live, I'd listen on catch up. I enjoy a lot of Radio 2, Chris Evan's breakfast show and a Good old fashioned phone in debate, at lunch times with Jeremy vine. I also enjoy some of the other music stations such as Classical and 6 music depending on the show's. Asian network is also another great station we sometimes listen to.

Given the choice I would choose radio over television any day, I love that with radio you can get on with many things around the home, and still be entertained and informed. If I'm at my sewing table I will likely be listening to the radio.

Although I think it would be a shame for FM Radio to completely disappear, I am enjoying the new options of radio found on DAB. I'd love to know what your favourite station's and programs are. Leave us a comment below and we will check out the shows.

If you are interested in purchasing this radio, I know it is only available in certain larger stores, and costs £30. It is also available online just follow the link below.


Its not often you get to see your design on a product like this and its thanks to the great design team at Sainsbury's that this could happen.

Hope you love it as much as we do.

Caroline x

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