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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Kids Spray Paint T Shirts.

Kids Spray Paint T Shirts.

There are often times when I go into a hobby shop, and I just buy fun looking products, but no clear idea what exactly we'll do with them. Thats why I have a cupboard full of goodies and I'm never short of something to pull a craft together from my supplies.

On a recent visit to hobby craft I picked up these fab Tulip spray paints, I loved the neon colours, and thought we might do a fun T.shirt project.

I picked up some basic t.shirts from Zara, its a great place to get a great a styled shirt, but really affordable at only £2.99 each. Plus I was able to buy similar quality right across girls ,Boys and adults.

So here the fun begins, I created some stencils using sticky backed plastic, I made fun shapes like stars, flowers and hearts. I also put out on the table star stickers, and tape to make patterns.

They really loved this activity but in particular my older two really got into this. So if you have older kids I can recommend this project.

Caleb adding a thunder blot to his design.

The neon paint was so vivid but my favourite has to be the neon pink.

Naomi masking off part of her design with tape.

Certainly Joshua needed a little more help than the other two, he can't take credit for the masked off sun burst design, but he did add a lot of stickers which formed part of the design. But I would say this is more suited to slightly older children. 

I think for boys this is also a fun engaging activity, as we know boys attention span is not always as long as the girls, thats certainly true in our experience. But Caleb worked happily away at this, and loved every minute of spraying the paint, and going mad with the colours.

I helped him add some stripes to his design, and we built up the layers of colour.

Then added a few star stickers.

Naomi also went crazy with her colours and design she masked off the neckline and sleeves and added dot stickers to create a polka dot.

When the T.shirts had all dried I gave them a quick blast with a dry iron to set the paint. These t.shirts should now be fully washable.

And look how proud Joshua is of his finished design. 

I loved how Caleb's stripes turned out and the stars across the shoulders.

Loved Naomi's design to, she had really achieved some strong colours on her design.

So with designs complete and ready to wear it was time to road test them at the skate park.

Don't they look great.

Naomi looks great and I love the longer style with her T.

A few little stunts later ......

Whats the verdict from our kids?

Well the first thing is, they want to go to this skate park every day now! but verdict on the T's 

"They are Awesome" 

I think thats a pretty good result.

This is a fantastic project, so if you are at a loose end this summer and are stuck for creative ideas, get your self some spray paints and get creating.

Here's the link to this product available at hobby craft.


Hope you all have a great week.

Caroline x

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