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Good Old Fashioned Salt Dough

Good Old Fashioned Salt Dough

We've had a few days of rain this week, and my Youngest requested to play with play dough, something I think most four year olds love. Realising that I had thrown all the churned up dried out tubs away some months ago, in one of my clear out sessions, I suggested salt dough. Its been a while since I made this stuff. I probably last made it when my other two were much younger. 

So I mixed up a batch of this salty stuff and was sure to tell Joshua "don't eat it" and then we had a lovely little time rolling it out and creating lots of fun shapes ready to bake then paint the next day.

The recipe for this play stuff is fool proof, and simple all you need is salt, flour, oil, and water.

300g of Plain flour.

300g of salt.

A tablespoon of Vegetable oil.

200mls of warm water.

First weigh out your salt and cover with the water mix to dissolve a little, then gradually add the flour whilst mixing, until it forms a dough. you can leave it covered and pop it in the fridge, or you can begin to use it straight away.

Get out plenty of cutters and a rolling pin. use other kitchen utensils to create patterns and shapes on the dough.

You will need a dusting of flour for the work top so it does not stick to the table.

Naomi also wanted to join in with the fun as she has always loved this kind of thing.

Place all their cut out shapes on a baking tray.

Pop them in the oven for about 1 to 2 hours on a low heat setting 100◦c. You should keep checking them after the hour to see if they are cooked right through and sometimes turning them over helps. They may be ready before the 2 hours is up.

Once cooked turn off your oven leave them in the oven to cool, this will prevent them cracking.

Once cooled they are ready to paint and decorate.

You can make all kinds of wonderful things with this salt dough, Naomi and Joshua decided to make cakes for a play shop. But this would be great for making decorations, especially for christmas.

Even I got in on the activities making some miniature breads for the dolls house.

This is such a fun activity to do on a rainy day and its something most kids will enjoy. The smell of the dough might take you back to your own play school days.

Hope you are enjoying the summer

Happy Friday 

Caroline x

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