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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Butterfly Denim

Butterfly Denim

This season I have been loving the collections from Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana. In Particular I've loved all the embroidery trends, since I'm a huge fan of embroidery, I just had to get a little bit of this look in my wardrobe.

Starting out with a simple denim shirt from Top Shop, an ideal base for my design. I came up with a plan to embroider beautifully detailed butterflies from real reference.

I picked out relevant colours in fine embroidery threads, then began the first motif.

You don't need to be amazing at drawing to get your template right, you just need the simple outline, then you cut this shape out and attach to your garment using scotch tape.

You need a sturdy base so an embroidery hoop is essential to keep the fabric taught.

I do a simple running stitch around the template to establish my design on the fabric.

Then I just have fun building up the design with the thread. If you have not done this kind of embroidery before, then there are plenty of beautiful books available to help you get to grips with this method.

You can have fun with each design building up the layers of colour to create your butterflies. I love this Red Admiral butterfly.

I set out doing typical English butterflies but eventually added some tropical butterflies as well as I loved the colours and scale.

And there you have it my finished garment ready to enjoy.

You can be completely random about the placement of the motifs, its entirely up to you how you complete this project.

If you love this design, but don't have the confidence to embroider these butterflies, how about checking out June 24th blog post 'Patch up your denim' where I used iron on motifs. Super simple to do.

I think this shirt is a timeless look, and will be enjoyed for many years, after all Denim never really goes out of Fashion, only perhaps the style and cut. 

I hope this has inspired you to revisit some old embroidery skills or explore teaching yourself this beautiful craft.

Happy embroidery everyone

Caroline x

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