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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Speak Encouragements

Speak Encouragements

Do you ever read a book and get so inspired by its words that you under line whole sections? Perhaps you see some amazing quote and decide to post it on social media. Sometimes you might just jot it down in your notebook so you don't forget. Maybe your refrigerator is covered with inspirational lines and quotes.

For me its my bible that gets the underlining the most. This is a book that inspires me, and its my words to live by.

Its full of wonderful instruction, promise and hope.

You may not be a christian reading this, in fact you may not have any faith to speak of but don't switch of from this blog post today just yet, don't count yourself out.

Todays blog is all about words of encouragement, and boy do we all need a lot of that, often when I log onto Facebook these days there is such a lot of negativity, so called inspirational quotes that don't really inspire at all they just send out a bad feeling towards the reader. people are quick to pass judgement and get involved with huge arguments with complete strangers via social media.

Encouraging words can go a long way to fixing a persons day, I know I do that with my children all the time, like "Mummy Loves You" "Make today count" "Be strong and courageous" "Be brave" "Mummy and Daddy are so Proud of you"

We need to hear these things as much as our children, in the bible it talks about Gods promises and commandments, its says 'Write them on the door frames of your houses and on your gates' (Deuteronomy 6 v9 ).

I don't have a gate into my house but I do have plenty of door frames and wall space to add some beautiful quotes and scriptures. Just add things that will make you smile things that will encourage and bring joy, not things that are meant to bring another one down, those words are just empty and fulfil nobody.

This past weekend I went to an amazing Christian Women's conference called 'Cherish'If you are keen to learn more about that I'll post links at the bottom here.

At the conference I picked up these great posters in the shop, I loved them so much I had to buy more than one and get them framed.

The posters are A3 in size so not too big to find a home for them around the house.

I had to trim the poster down a little, the simple contemporary frame looks great and really sets this scripture off well. Love the typography on this one.

These might not be the words you'd like in your home but think about adding something similar in your home as I know it will make a difference to your family. Find your quotes or words and say this is our family quote these are the things we stand by. 

I loved the recent Cinderella movie quote "Have Courage and be kind" these are awesome words to live by!

I had to get this poster when I saw it, its perfect for my daughters room. She's 10 years old and these are just the sort of words I want to speak over her.

Do you ever have those moments when you think "oh I really shouldn't of said that", or "I'm not speaking truth over myself" I know I do all the time, and thats why I love having these beautiful reminders around my home, that build me and my family up.

Davinder and I are quite inspired to create some of our own illustrated images, with scriptures and quotes so watch this space and see what we come up with.

If you are interested in the conference I went to, here's a link to the relevant page. Here you can find out everything you need to know.


Its a brilliant conference and suitable for all ages of women, in fact next year I am taking my daughter who will be 11 and she can't wait!!

I hope this post has inspired you to have encouraging words in your home, and to just love people and yourself with the words you say.

have a fantastic day.

You've got this.

Caroline x







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