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Inspiration From The Lovely Frances Quinn.

Inspiration From The Lovely Frances Quinn.

We all love 'The Great British Bake Off' and why not?  Our Family loved watching the programme each week. Waiting in anticipation to see what the judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood have to say about each contestants submission, whether it be the Signature Bake, Technical Challenge but most of all the Showstopper Bake.

According to BBC records the programme drew an average of 13.4 million viewers and the final was watched by 15 million people. This just shows that britain love their food!

In 2013 Frances Quinn won the Great British Bake off and since then she has not looked back. I had the privilege of catching up with Frances earlier this week at the Sainsburys Strategy Day in Leicester. 

Frances shared with the General Merchandise teams her journey growing up spending hours in her Fathers bookshop, and loving Quentin Blake's illustrations and Roald Dahl's fantastical tales. 

It was whilst she worked as a childrenswear designer at Joules clothing, making cake for friends in the office, that she was persuaded by her team to sign up for 'The Great British Bake Off'. 

Frances shared that she may not be designing with fabric so much these days, but now she is designing with food, ''Its just a different medium to be creative with''.

We also got to see some of frances's baking videos which where a delight to watch. Here is my favourite the Marzipan Bees:

The other project that Frances shared was her book 'Quintessential Baking'. This book is so inspiring for all you bakers out there and beautifully illustrated by Frances. Its jam packed with great recipe inspiration from Strawberry Short Cake to Mint Chocolate Brownies. I could not resist buying a copy for my lovely Caroline as she is a avid baker....

Here's Caroline at her work space really happy with the book.

Caroline had this book on her wish list, but was even more happy to receive a lovely personal message from Frances.

The book is certainly full of lovely inspired and quirky ideas, as Caroline said "it will inspire people to think out of the box with their bakes."


Frances talk was so inspiring, I love hearing peoples stories of how they got to where they are in their career and whats helped them in their success. After hearing her talk I am definitely inspired in my own creative pursuits, and if you are to check out Frances's website:


You can also buy her book click on the link below


Anyway I hope you enjoyed fridays blog...please leave a comment below and don't forget you can also check out Frances on twitter and instagram...





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