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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Candles and scents

Candles and scents

Currently in Sainsbury's stores there are some lovely product, as I shared with you last week on Fridays blog post, if you missed it go and check out the 'Flower Market' post.

I love these pretty fragranced candle jars currently in store, the design is fantastic.


Each fragrance has its own unique number as part of the design, I think that combined with the old type writer style of typography on the label gives it a lovely vintage feel.

The prints used on the product are again designed by Davinder, combined with the design of the candle itself and the labelling, it makes for a great product and a fantastic gift. I think the design team in Home at Sainsbury's are really breaking the mould of what typical supermarket product can be. 

Of course the other attraction with these candles are that they smell beautiful, I especially love the Jasmine & Patchouli, its a lovely bold but soft scent and really captures the jasmine scent without an over powering of Patchouli, there's no likeness whatsoever to that old body shop favourite just in case you were worried!

Sainsbury's have also come up with the ever so popular reed diffuser products, I have to admit You either love or hate these, some of the fragrances no matter how nice they are can be over powering in a product like this. I have found the odd one that I have loved but then the idea of where to house it with out the kids getting their hands on it and spilling the whole lot out on your good furniture is often a problem. I tend to tuck them well out of reach, so little hands can't reach. 

The scents usually do settle down but expect for the first couple of weeks for the fragrance to be quite strong in the room. This Rose and apple blossom is quite a sweet floral scent and very much reminds me of spring. I'd recommend using less reeds in the diffuser for a softer scent in the room.

Its great to see Davinder's prints on so many products in the range, I think thats the fun of print design it is so versatile.

All these products are in the larger stores so get yourself out shopping and buy some, and let us know in the comments below what your favourite scent is, we'd love to hear from you.

The weather does not look great this week, so I think getting the room cosy with Candles, music and a good book, or for me a little bit of hand sewing is a very good plan.

Bye for now

Caroline x


Inspiration From The Lovely Frances Quinn.

Inspiration From The Lovely Frances Quinn.

Weekend flower treat.

Weekend flower treat.