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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Patch Up Your Denim

Patch Up Your Denim

If you've kept a keen eye on recent trends, you will know that patches and motifs on denim are really hot right now. So give me an excuse to go crazy with a few patches I'm there.

So Davinder bought Naomi these simple denim shorts from Next, that were crying out for a customised makeover.

All the magazines are shouting about this trend from vogue through to the weekly Grazia, and we are loving it here at 'Mad Fun Creative' so keep checking back for more fun denim patch ideas.

What I love about this project is just how simple it is to do, all you really need is a few iron on patches, various shapes and styles and a few pretty trims. Start by playing around with the placement of your patches and trims and pin it all into place.

Most shop bought patches are iron on so you don't even need to worry about sewing them on. Make sure you cover the patches with a cloth to protect your work, as you'll need a fairly hot iron.

Carefully stitch trims in place using the sewing machine where you can, although sometimes you need to hand stitch in certain areas.

play around with trims to see what works well in the design. I loved this neon ribbon.

I also wanted to add some hand embroidered features. If you are not so handy with a needle don't worry the patches are just as effective on their own.

I enjoyed adding lots of stitched features to the garments. Especially on the hem line.

I added a few neon cross stitched details.

I didn't over work the back of the design since this would get quite worn.

I decided that the belt loop could do with a little pom pom feature. These pom pom makers are fun and easy to use, but you can still use the traditional method of two card discs to wrap the yarn around.

Trim your pom pom so that it is really compact and full.

Tie the pom pom to your belt loop with some neon ribbon.

And here is the result fun patched shorts for the summer.

How great do these look? Naomi absolutely loves them and wants me to make other patched items. She loves Butterflies so I expect we'll be buying more butterfly motifs.

I love the mix of stars and flowers.

So there you go, one happy girl, and one fantastic easy diy project for you to try. Go on give it a go and let us know how you get on.

If you love this project leave us a comment in the box below we'd love to hear form you.

Caroline x

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