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Fun Floral Display.

Fun Floral Display.

I'm all about treating yourself to flowers, especially when you intend to have a house cleaning day its lovely to finish with vases of blooms around the home. I am also very blessed that my Husband  loves to buy me flowers, and not just for those special occasions, but just simply because he wants to. Flowers are such a lovely way to bless someone and make them smile and make them feel special.

Today I am going to share with you a lovely DIY flower arrangement with just a few simple objects and materials.

If you are like me you'll probably already have a little collection of washed out jam jars, if not start collecting them and throughly wash them out. I especially love those Mini jars you get in cafe's and hotels. Soak them all in hot soapy water to remove any residue from the glass.

Gather up any little bits of fabric scraps or trims, lace doily's and especially Washi tape if you don't know where to get this from most lovely gift shops stock it in hundreds of patterns and colours, try Paper Chase or Hobby Craft.

Roughly tear a stripe of fabric, add a doily, some ribbon and perhaps a pretty embroidery thread like I have done here with the fab neon green.

Wrap this around one of your jars and secure with a knot then a pretty bow.

Take another jar and add another strip of fabric and add some pink washi tape as a decorative feature but also to secure.

continue to add fun decorative features to each jar making each one pretty, then place on a base. I chose to use this beautiful bone china plate that was my Grandma's. It does not get lots of use apart from special occasions, so using it like this is a lovely new way to use the plate.

I used some BBQ Skewers to create these fun little flags. Simply tie fabric and ribbon and embroidery thread and fold a piece of pink tape to create a secure flag at the top.

Cut the skewers to different lengths to add dimension to your display. Make each one slightly different.

Begin to create your flower arrangement. Now I am certainly no flower arranger and I expect neither are you, which is why this is so much fun. We can all do it, you just need a little eye for detail and thats it.

Build up the arrangement and add the flags.

Arrange the jars on the display plate till, you have it just right.

And there you have it one very cute original floral display fantastic for a tea party centre piece. 

The jars look so pretty and the flowers can be enjoyed by all.

I love roses and Freesia especially for the wonderful scent. Freesia fills the whole room with fragrance and you can get such a variety of colours.

I hope this floral DIY has inspired you to have a little fun with your flower arranging next time you treat yourself to flowers. And if you have never treated yourself to flowers, what are you waiting for? Go do it!

Until next time enjoy

Caroline x

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