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Inspiration in the Garden at Calke Abbey.

Inspiration in the Garden at Calke Abbey.

Last month we visited Calke Abbey in Derbyshire, it was without a doubt one of our favourite National Trust places. There was so much to see and take in, from the house which has been kept in its declined state, and the gardens which are still kept well, but show the evidence of a time gone by with all the peeling paintwork, old potting sheds and overgrown areas. The place is so full of mystery, and for our kids it was full of adventure.

There was so much to see that I've chosen to just tell you about the gardens today , and share some of the amazing images that we captured.

The colours in this old Orangery were just stunning and so inspiring for so many projects in the future. Its such a beautiful colour palette. 

Of course someone still tends to this space with all the planting, but the national trust have chosen to not restore much of the building and decorative features, but instead only preserve them as they were found.

These images capture so much vivid natural colour they make me want to get the paints out and sketch and create lovely art works.

Love the beautiful pink blossom highlighted against the white washed brickwork. 

This functional object is in fact a drain, and yet it is so decorative.

The light floods in from the dome window in the ceiling.

An old gate provides a perfect place for a climber.

This old potting shed looks virtually untouched, and how amazing is that violet paint work. The old clock strung against the wall I wonder how it came to make its home in the potting shed?

Old tools and potato sacks just left as they would have been. To the left of the picture you can see the old seed drawers, from this room a vast garden would have been planned and plotted out to feed and host a whole household and their guests.

Pretty pansies in terracota pots on a bright blue platform.

Taking in the view of an old walled garden.

Naomi skipping along through the estates woodlands.

The house peaking out over the over grown hedgerows.

Running through the secret garden tunnel.

Light at the end of the tunnel.

If you have never visited this place you'll be in for a treat when you do, the house is amazing, as are the gardens, watch this space as I will be posting about the house next. Its a place I will want to visit time and time again. Its certainly a place to visit with a sketchbook as there is so much to study.

I hope you have enjoyed these images and that you get the chance to visit sometime soon.

We'd love to know your favourite National Trust sites, why not leave a comment below and tell us your favourite and why.

catch up soon

Caroline x

Calke Abbey The Un-Stately Home.

Calke Abbey The Un-Stately Home.

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