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Make A Simple Liberty Print Top

Make A Simple Liberty Print Top

You will probably have gathered by now that we are huge Liberty fans, If you didn't know that, Where have you been? 

On our last visit to Liberty, I got some lovely fabrics from the new print collection. I fell in love with this design, and thought it would be great as a simple top with jeans. I already had this great sewing pattern by NewLook, a freebie from Sew Magazine some time ago. So I was all set to make this lovely design.

If you are new to sewing then this is a great pattern to start with from New Look, plus its great value with all the various options. But also even if you are an experienced sewer its just great fun to make a quick top like this, in no time at all.

This pattern is easy to follow with simple laid out instructions, its all pretty self explanatory really. You literally have a front and back, and theres no lining or anything else to contend with to make it complicated. 

When you begin to sew the seams make sure you have the iron set up ready to press out at each stage this will make all the difference to your finished garment, you really can't cut corners when it comes to pressing seams. Plus with this top, I wanted to make sure every seam was beautifully turned under and top stitched, so that the inside looked as nice as the outside, no frayed edges!

Rather than using a plain white bias binding for the neckline, I chose this pretty pink polka dot bias, it just gives a really lovely finish inside. Instructions for the neckline are laid out clearly in the pattern. If you have not used bias binding tape before, I'd strongly recommend having a practice with it first on a scrap of fabric, practice on a curve as this will help you grasp how to use it. You can even make your own Bias trim by cutting strips of fabric about one inch wide on the diagonal, joining the strips together on the machine, and then pressing the two edges in.

Adding a simple little button to the back opening, I stitch it on with embroidery thread just so it's firmer and more secure.

You make a little loop at the back neck to fasten the button simply. 

When I finished this top I had one of those moments where you are so excited that it turned out better than you even expected!

I literally love this simple pattern I want to make 20 versions of it, and have a whirlwind of ideas for the next few designs. What I love most is its a flattering shape, with a lovely simple neckline, its not too tight, it does not cling to anything you don't want it to cling to, Mamma's who've had babies you know what I'm talking about! It looks great with jeans but equally you have got a good length in the design for it to also tuck into a skirt.

I hope you've enjoyed this blog post, and feel inspired to get the sewing machine out and get creative making yourself something to wear. Details for all the patterns and resources listed below.

The Latest seasonal designs only run for about 6 months so if you like this fabric you better be quick and get online and order yourself some.


Here's the link to this design called Posy Landscape B Tana Lawn Cotton. 



There are other colour versions of this design so have a browse and see for yourself.

Here is the link to the Simplicity, new look website, for the pattern I used.


If you want further inspiration for your sewing projects check out 'Sew Magazine' where I got this pattern for free. Each month they have a free pattern and a wealth of fresh inspiration highlighting new fabrics and other resources.

Here's the link to their website.


I hope all that helps you to get on track with some sewing projects and with 'The Great British Sewing Bee' starting this week on BBC 2, you'll have even more inspiration.

Watch it on BBC iPlayer catch up here. Download the player app to you phone or tablet.


Happy sewing Guys

Caroline x

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