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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Calke prints and textiles.

Calke prints and textiles.

Calke is full of amazing prints, rugs and textiles, but what excited us the most was the hidden gems on the walls with the peeling wall papers and paintwork. An absolute treat for any textile lover.

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Each paper spoke of a different era, we loved how National trust have just left these to be discovered and enjoyed by all.

Layers of paper torn away.

This paper looks like tile work, perhaps that was the idea.

This wall paper filled with stories and comical scenes.

This paper seems a little more modern for the date of the house perhaps 1950's

The wood panel looks so stained probably from Nicotine, but the colour of this paper has survived the test of time almost.

Pretty trellis design peeling away over the years.

We just loved this floral bouquet design on the chair, not an original cover it would probably have been made for the home owner many years ago.

Again more re-upholstered furniture but still quite old, it was a little thread bare in places, probably a well loved chair.

This bed is probably one of the National Trusts greatest finds, it was discovered when they took over the house. This bed had been securely packaged and stowed away in its original box since the 18th Century and never used. 

Its thought that the bed could have been made for George l in about 1715 and given to Lady Caroline Manners, who married Sir Henry Harper 5th baronet at Calke Abbey. It was a likely wedding present from Princess Anne, the daughter of george ll, but it was clearly never used

As a result of it being stored for so many years the Chinese silk fabric is in immaculate condition. What a stunning find!

Well this is the end of my Calke Abbey blogs, I really hope you have enjoyed reading them and feel inspired to visit.

It has certainly been one of our family favourites so far.

Chat soon

Caroline x


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