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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Inspired by Sonia Delaunay

Inspired by Sonia Delaunay

After visiting the Tate Modern, we were inspired to set our kids a little fun art project of their own. They were super keen to do this, as it involved being inspired by the artist Sonia Delaunay who created a lot of her work with shapes and bright colours. When our kids saw this work they really loved it.

Delaunay's work gives a great starting point to an art project using any kind of medium such as paint, oil pastel, crayons, or pens.

I began by asking our kids to draw around shapes, any kind of shapes, so they set to look for objects such as round plates, rectangle chopping boards, tops from containers, bowls, and various other objects. They then began to draw around letting the shapes overlap each other.

Then the fun could begin painting all the shapes different colours. We used the paint pure from the containers I think another time we may look at mixing our own colours, but for now this was enough fun.

we recently bought a great selection of poster paints from Hobby Craft, along with some gouache that belongs to Naomi which we had to use sparingly! cheap paper plates work really well as disposable paint palates, if you don't have the real thing. Also make sure you have plenty of jars with clean water to wash out brushes.

The thing with art projects and kids, you can't be too much of a control freak, you just have to help them where they need it, and gently encourage them to embrace the project without caring about the finer details too much. This is their opportunity to express themselves with paint, so long as it stays on the paper and does not make its way onto each other, or the walls then we're doing good.

One thing I do try to control is who's in charge of squeezing out the paint, only because if my four year old gets his hands on it we'll be in some serious mess! so as a way of saving a paint catastrophe from happening, I'm in charge to the paint squirting!

The kids really had a lot of fun doing this project and their results were fantastic.

Joshua's Master piece, ok so Mummy did help a tiny bit!

Naomi's colourful explosion of colour.

And finally Caleb's finished art work. I love the purple wheel and I like the blank spaces left.

I think this project just goes to show that you can teach kids about a famous artist at any age, and that an art project can be enjoyed even with varied ages working together, my three kids being four, eight and ten years old. They were able to get along together all achieving an impressive end result.

Why don't you visit a gallery sometime soon and set your kids a similar fun project. 

Let us know how you get along we'd love to see what you've been inspired to create. 

Comment below or drop us an email and we will post our favourites on our Facebook page.


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