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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Gorgeous Stationary.

Gorgeous Stationary.

Its Friday Morning and its pouring with rain as I write this. We need something to cheer up our day. 

How about taking a look at Davinder's latest floral design on all this lovely product in Sainsbury's. This is his design first painted by hand, then scanned into the computer to complete the final pattern in repeat. He works with a great team who then take his design and use it on all this lovely product, like this stationary.

Sometimes Davinder has little idea how the finished product will look apart from the pattern, so its often only when we see the finished collection that he see's the whole range.

We were super excited when we saw the range in store, and of course Naomi being 10 years old and loving stationary wanted it all!

Its apparently doing brilliantly, and to me thats no surprise as its beautiful, I'm allowed to say that since I'm his wife and of course I'm going to champion everything Davinder does.

I love how the team have combined Typography with the floral design and have picked out two beautiful soft bright shades to highlight the gold print.

This look is so on trend right now and its amazing that this is a supermarket product. The little sticker seals in this card pack make it extra special to. 

These little note books come in a pack of three and they are just small enough to fit in a small hand bag or pocket. They are certainly a handy size and so pretty.

So next time you are in Sainsbury's head to the stationary and grab yourself some lush note cards and notebooks, after all you can never have enough stationary. 

Enjoy your weekend and Happy shopping.

Caroline x

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