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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Aira Force in The Lake District

Aira Force in The Lake District

Whilst we were away during the Easter holidays we visited this wonderful place in the Lake District. Its been a long time since I have walked here probably not since I was a teenager. Its a popular walking spot and its also a National Trust sight so if you are a member you can park here for free, so long as you are displaying your badge. 

Its a great place to go with the kids, although you do need to watch them carefully in some areas where there is a steep drop. If you have very young children, or children unwilling to hold a hand as you walk the tricky paths then I'd say its a no go. 

But on the whole most of the walk is safe terrain and full of adventure for the children.

As Its described on the National Trust website this beautiful waterfall site in Ullswater is

"a tranquil haven of towering peaks, serene waters and undulating hills"

Serene it most definitely is in parts, that is until our kids come along and start throwing stones across the rock pools and gentle stream.

To our kids it was one big adventure and to play along side the water was so much fun for them.

There are many places down by the river where it is safe for the kids to play, and build dams and throw stones and generally just get their sleeves rolled up and hands in the water, jumping across stepping stones and enjoying the freedom.

I think days like this highlight how kids just enjoy the outdoors and they don't need a lot to fire their imagination. We could have spent many more hours here than we did and the children would have been very happy.

The kids even created their own mini sculptures.

Andy Goldsworthy style right there!

Joshua Just hanging out with Daddy.

A good spot to take a rest.

Making your way to the top of the falls is so worth the effort even for your youngest child. Can you see the tiny glimmer of a rainbow in this picture? its so beautiful.

Looks a little bit windswept up here! 

Our decent through the woodland.

We finished down by the edge of Ullswater, the perfect place for stone throwing.

Splashing and jumping in the water.

Such a beautiful scene.

If you are a fan of visiting the Lake district and have not been to Aira Force before you won't be disappointed, especially if you have good weather. The beauty of this walk with young kids is you have options, and routes depending on how far you think you can manage with them. And with plenty of places to stop along the way and picnic and play the kids don't get fed up of constant walking.

I hope this post has inspired you to get out into the countryside and explore your local walks or even plan a visit to the Lakes.

Here's a link to the website for Aira Force.


Its the best thing for our children and its a good time for us to just enjoy special family time creating memories together.

Hope you can get outdoors this weekend.

Comment below with your favourite spots and places to walk we'd love to hear about them.

Caroline x















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