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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Star Chocolate cupcakes

Star Chocolate cupcakes

When we visited Liberty over Easter, Naomi got these amazing Cup cake cases with gold shimmer stars inside her goodie bag.

We Loved them and since it was my Birthday this week, Naomi suggested I use these fancy cake treats for my birthday bake. Yes You heard me, I baked my own cakes! well since I take such delight in baking for others I think I deserve a little baking for myself on my special day.

This Cupcake kit is by a company called 'Meri Meri' and they design gorgeous things for parties and gifts.

Just take a look at their lovely website you'll be hooked.


The star Decorations are great fun and will add simple sparkle to your party table.

To purchase this cupcake kit head to the Liberty website, and you will also find that Meri Meri have teamed up with Liberty to produce a whole range of product in their iconic Liberty prints. 

Heres the link


I chose a great recipe from the hummingbird bakery cookbook. The delicious light chocolate sponge in these Chocolate cupcakes will not disappoint. Then topped in a lovely rich butter icing.

This book has lots of recipes that are simple to do but really impress with the look and taste. Its worth buying this book as You will enjoy many of the bakes.

Using a free standing mixer or a hand held electric whisk makes the process a lot easier. And you get plenty of air whisked into your bake.

Cakes all ready to go in the oven, I love the candy pink stripe design.

About to add the delicious butter cream or frosting as they say in America, to the cupcakes.

I topped the cake with Stars and sprinkled with Chocolate Vermicelli and silver balls.

They look fantastic and ready to add to the pretty plateful.

These will look fab on any party table and they are so simple and eye catching. I think these would be great at a bake sale, as what child wouldn't want the cake with the star on top.

I love things that are clever and take the fuss out of creating something lovely. Anyone can create this fabulous look with a kit from Meri Meri, Be sure to look out for more products from them, you will find other stockists via their website and these cases can be purchased on the Liberty website and in store.

For a final bit of birthday fun we added a cake sparkler in the shape of a heart. Well why not!

Thanks again to Liberty who gave us this pretty gift.

Happy baking everyone. 

Caroline x

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