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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Meeting Ed Burstell at Liberty

Meeting Ed Burstell at Liberty

Davinder recently blogged about Liberty, when he visited back in March with Naomi. They had a great time down in London together, and as Davinder shared in his previous blog, they got to meet Bruce who you will find on the top floor of the Liberty store, in one of our favourite departments amongst all the carpets, rugs and ceramics, all sourced from around the world.

We were incredibly grateful to Bruce for passing on our recent blog post to the Managing Director of Liberty Ed Burstell, and we were so honoured to hear from Ed and have him complement us on our blog. 

So just last week we were delighted to visit Liberty again as a family and meet with Ed in the store and get a behind the scenes look at Liberty and also meet some of the design team along with the head of print design Tessa Semple. 

It was an incredibly generous gesture from Ed to invite us to take a look around with him and take time out of his busy day. And also Tessa who we know was so busy that day but was very happy to accommodate us and chat about her role at Liberty. 

We were made to feel like very special guests and our children were gifted with some lovely goodie bags and we all enjoyed a beautiful lunch. 

Getting to experience these kind of oportunities with our kids is just so good for them, it gives them aspiration and confidence and it opens their eyes to new creative ideas that they would not normally experience in their day to day.

We had such a great time looking around the store with Ed and getting a small glimpse into life behind the scenes. Would you believe Liberty have an archive of designs currently 43,000 prints, they hold one of the largest company archives in the world. Now that would be something incredible to explore!

Meeting Tessa was great and the kids enjoyed a bit of creativity at the desk, thank goodness they had all those felt pens to keep them entertained, that surely would have kept them quiet for the rest of the day.

Meeting Tessa we discovered that she also had lived and worked in New York so we had that in common already, Thanks Tessa for taking the time with us we really appreciated it and hope we might be in touch again in the future. 

Here's Ed talking us through various areas's around the store.

Chatting with Ed.

Talking us through the ceramic collection.

Our Joshua posing in front of the Uniqlo display, a blog on this collection will follow soon.

At the end of our visit we were all shopped out. 

We want to say a huge thank you to Bruce for passing on our details, and to Ed for being so kind and generous to meet with us you were great with our kids and it was a pleasure to meet you, we love what you have done for the Liberty brand and will continue to champion everything that you are doing with Liberty and the fantastic collaborations you have formed with other companies and designers. watch this space for further updates, we purchased a few things to write about and to create with, here on our blog. Also thanks again to Tessa for your warm welcome and time with us.

We can't wait to share more of our inspiration and ideas from our Liberty visit so keep following us for more updates with our creative adventures.

Bye For now.

Caroline x


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