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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Giant Easter egg Decorations.

Giant Easter egg Decorations.

Since we are not far from Easter, we're going to be giving you some Easter craft inspiration over the coming weeks. This Giant egg idea is a great way to use up fabric scraps or old magazines, paper, wrappers and foil.

This is a craft we did last year with the kids and it worked so well and kept them entertained for ages, and that is after all what we want, happy content kids.

All you need to do is cut strips of pretty fabric or ribbon, and have an assortment of motifs to stick such as shop bought bunnies, eggs and chicks. brightly coloured pens, buttons and glue.

Cut a large egg out of simple white card, and then get your kids to decorate the eggs anyway they like. I encouraged mine to think about stripe patterns and also creating pattern with the felt tip pens.

Get your children to mix up the patterns they use and clash the colours a little to make it fun. encourage them not to be too precious about how it looks and the finished item, its more about them expressing their creativity.

Caleb's egg reminded me of a sunny park scene with a duck pond and blue sky or even a beach.

Joshua enjoyed using lots of foil egg wrappers, we had to eat a few chocolate eggs to get these.

Its a fun simple idea, and once finished will look great displayed in your home.

We could all do with a bit of craft inspiration, so I hope this gives you one little idea for something to do with your kids.

Happy Crafting

Caroline x

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