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A Spring Wreath

A Spring Wreath

We have already had quite a few beautiful spring sun shining days this March but still very cold. Its this time of year that I like to get in the mood to welcome the spring as we approach Easter.

The grey days of January and February have passed and the mornings and evenings are becoming much lighter. I have heard the odd mention that we could still expect snow this side of the year, but I like to think its purely speculation with not an ounce of truth, I am well and truly ready for spring. Saying all that as I look outside today its literally pouring with rain and as I did the school run this morning and a quick grocery shop, people were rushing from place to place to get shelter from the torrential down pours. But hey thats all just getting the ground ready for spring lets just call it spring rain, it will make us all feel better.

Todays little project I'm sharing with you is quite simple and easy to do. Now I'm no flower arranger but this is something that just needs an eye for detail, and a few spring blooms that won't suffer the lack of water.

All you need is a pre-made wreath I picked mine up from hobby craft, some florist wire, ribbon, flowers, garden Secateurs.

You are then free to decorate the wreath any way you wish, have a selection of flowers ready to play around with, even cuttings from your own garden would be perfect.

I think Pussy willow is the perfect wreath plant as it is long and you can curve it really well around the circle.

Keep wrapping branches of pussy willow around the wreath till you have it looking nice and full. It all tucks in quite easily and should hold together without the wire at this stage.

You can then begin to add in other flowers keeping it even all around, you need to cut smaller sprigs now, and may need to fasten with a loop of wire twisting it at the back of the wreath.

Make sure you consider the placement of each flower around the wreath so that it flows nicely.

You may find that you don't use all the flowers that you have bought in the end, but thats ok, its all about being selective and keeping it simple.

Once your design has all the flowers in place you need to create something to hang it up with.

I just took a simple checked cotton and tore a long strip, so that the edges looked rough and frayed. wrap it around the wreath with a smaller narrow pretty ribbon and secure with a knot. 

use the fabric section to make the hanger by tying another knot and make a small bow with the narrow blue ribbon.

So there you have the finished wreath bringing a little spring into the home.

Once this spring season is over you could pull the dried flowers out and re-use this wreath for the summer or Autumn.

I hope this blog post has inspired you to bring a little spring indoors this week. You may not be great with flowers, but have no fear neither am I, so I am sure you'll be able to make one of these and it will brighten up your home.

Happy wreath making

Caroline x

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