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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Bamford A Mothers Day Treat.

Bamford A Mothers Day Treat.

This past weekend was Mothers Day and of course I felt celebrated by my lovely three children. I also felt celebrated, as I so often do by my wonderful Husband Davinder who knows me so well and has a brilliant eye for beautiful gifts.

Along with some beautiful roses, breakfast in bed and some pretty floral items from Liberty Davinder and the children gave me this gorgeous set from Bamford, bought in the wonderfully inviting beauty department in Liberty. 

The packaging is simple and beautiful with the Geranium leaf scrolled around the white gift box, with the embossed B and simple fine typography showing the contents.

Now according to Naomi, Daddy spent quite a long time trying to make decision about which product to buy, and I can quite understand since this department in Liberty is full of such beautiful luxurious products, and the room fills your senses with all kinds of scents.

I absolutely love Lavender as Davinder knows very well, but he wanted to get me something different and new. When using Lavender its the essential oil that I love rather than the very floral imitation. I love all natural products, because it matters to me where it has come from and what it will do to the skin.

I love products that have a story and a philosophy behind them where the producers care a great deal about the process of choosing the ingredients right through to the manufacturing of the product and care of the producers and the customer.

The combination of Geranium, Lavender and peppermint in this lovely hand and body wash and hand and body lotion is sublime, and transports you to that spa feeling.

There is nothing artificial about the scent it is all natural and organic, using beautiful botanical ingredients. These three components of Geranium, Lavender and Peppermint might sound unusual but truly it works and I love it. 

When washing your hands with it you get that invigorating peppermint hit that wakes up your senses, but once you have dried your hands the peppermint scent is subtle, leaving the geranium and lavender fragrance to linger far longer.

The hand lotion is very much a lotion not a cream it is fine and goes a long way with just a small amount. And the scent stays well throughout the day leaving your hands feeling pampered like you just took them through a mini spa.

If You are interested in Bamford's beautiful organic products why not check out their website and   see this short film about the beauty range and its founder Carole Bamford in this link below.


You will see on the website that they also produce an Artisan made collection of clothing using natural fibres such as cashmere, organic cotton and linen. And work with crafts people from Scotland, Nepal, India and Italy.

to find out more again head to their website http://bamford.co.uk

They also have a number of Spa's which I hope to visit one day, but for now I look forward to enjoying this lovely gift chosen by my most discerning husband, with impeccable taste for good quality. 

to purchase from liberty here is the link. http://www.liberty.co.uk/fcp/categorylist/designer/bamford

Bringing a little spa life to my home.

Caroline x







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