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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Giant Ginger biscuit eggs.

Giant Ginger biscuit eggs.

As promised here is another great fun activity, to do with your kids over the Easter holidays. This giant cookie cutter is fab and excellent for creating a base biscuit to decorate. Kids love to add all kinds of decorations to their home bakes, and with a biscuit this size, they can go crazy with the decor.

The egg cutter is one I bought in Sainsbury's last year, although I have seen them in store again this season. You tend to only get the great bake ranges that Sainsbury's do in the larger stores, but its worth a trip as they actually stock an extensive range of bake equipment.

I have to add, the tea towel in the background of this picture was also designed by Davinder for Sainsbury's, its last season though, so don't all rush out and try to buy it. Just a little fun fact for you. But we will try and keep up to speed with designs in stores and online, so you can go treat yourself and your home.

Since this cutter is so utterly giant, it will use up your batch of dough in a blink of an eye, I'd say on an average ginger bread mix, you might get five cut out of the dough. If you expect to make more, then try making a double batch. I love the way that the small details make little shapes cut out to create an instant pattern to begin with.

Most supermarkets these days have a huge selection of cake decorating items. All of these things are so much fun for the kids to use.

Then you just let them go for it, creating their own personal design and sugar rush of course!

There's no sophisticated design led bake going on here, its just a case of stick it all on and have fun.

I have to add since these things were like the size of a cake I did not let the kids eat them all at once, but they did have a good try at it.

The egg in this image is my little attempt at decorating, and I've gotta tell you, its so much fun doing this.

I think these would make great gifts for easter, and a fantastic alternative to the traditional chocolate egg. You can get all sizes of cellophane treat bags now, in good bake shops or online. Wrap them up with some decorative ribbon and a personal message on a tag, and the gift of giving just got far more special. 

The message of Easter is so overlooked these days, and the meaning behind giving eggs has almost been lost to the commercial world. But a hand made gift avoids all that commercial stuff, and as you bake with your kids you can reflect on the reasons we give eggs to each other, as a sign of new life. You may not be a christian but for many people around the world this is a time that we celebrate Jesus's death and resurrection and the hope and new life he has brought to the world.

You may have often wondered yourself, why we do so many of the traditional things we do, it would not harm to look further in depth, why? so that we can explain them to the next generation and ourselves. So much of it is steeped in christian history, but we are living in the today and can experience new life today. I hope you all find hope, peace and new Life this Easter season.

Please leave a comment below and tell us what you love about Easter, and if you agree we should avoid all the commercial stuff.

Thanks for reading we appreciate you stopping by.

Caroline x


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