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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Bunny Cushion

Bunny Cushion

Some time ago I created this great bunny design cushion, Its made up with an intricate felt cut out pattern, which I created by hand drawing the design then transferring that to fabric.

Its a fabulous way to create a stylish but fun look for your home, with the quirky motif of a bunny. The fabric is a lovely quality brushed cotton velvet type fabric from John Lewis. And the rabbit is made from a simple good quality wool craft felt. The monochrome look gives it originality, and I'm sure it will appeal to fans of the 'White Rabbit' Character in 'Alice in Wonderland'.

And since we are on the run up to easter I thought it was a great time to share the design with you.

To create the design you need to draw the outline of the bunny or any other animal you might choose, I tend to sketch in pencil then add the solid black pen line at the end when I can see I have my design at its best. Drawing may not be your strong point so you can always download a simple animal silhouette online, there are hundreds of images, and you can always alter something slightly in a few places if you are concerned about copyright. Its fun to fill your design with an intricate floral pattern, making sure its something you can confidently cut out.

I then transfer my image to an iron on fabric bonda web, then the design can be cut out easily in fabric and ironed onto a cushion square.

Once you have ironed the felt in place you stitch around every area as neatly as you can, this certainly tests your sewing machine control. 

Once your design is finished its time to make up your cushion, I love to use piping cord to edge a cushion, and prefer to add a zip opening. Zip openings are certainly the most challenging way to finish a cushion but they do work the best, and perfect for quickly removing if they need a wash. I hope at some point to give an online tutorial how to do this so watch this space.

The cushion looks great and I think its suitable for all year round to decorate your home, not just for Easter.

But since Easter is almost here we'll enjoy this cushion with a few chocolate eggs in the background! 

Chat soon Guys 

Caroline x

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