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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Easter Mugs.

Easter Mugs.

As Some of you readers will know Davinder designs for Sainsbury's both in women's wear and on the home range. He is a print designer which means he designs the pattern that goes on a garment or home range product.

There are many occasions when we simply can't resist purchasing product from store that he has designed the print for. When I saw these gorgeous bunny mugs we had to get them.

This design started out as a hand painted watercolour by Davinder, in a pretty large scale compared to this reduced scale little bunny, now placed on a cute blue ditzy polka dot. The watercolour design is scanned into the computer then designers are able to play around with it to produce a range of products. I love that Davinder still uses traditional hand painted methods and mixes with new computer technology to create a lot of his designs.

Davinder works with a great team and its fun to see how they utilise his original artworks for products in store.

I love the scale of this mug, its almost like a dessert bowl in its size, since its wide but quite shallow. It would make a perfect gift for someone filled with eggs. The little carrot detail inside the rim is a cute touch to the design.

Its sweet the way the designer has really reduced the scale of the bunny design for the second mug along with the little carrot. But I have to say the single bunny design is my favourite.

And what better way to enjoy a morning coffee but with a pretty tray filled with flowers and some sneaky mini eggs, I actually bought these to decorate cakes, I don't think they will last that long do you?

I certainly enjoy the simple things in life and coffee time is one of those moments I really savour. I'm looking forward to getting plenty of use out of these mugs, and there is always that little sense of pride that these were designed by my husband. 

These Mugs should still be available to purchase in store, unfortunately they are not available online to my knowledge. So get yourself down to one of the large Sainsbury's stores and treat yourself.

Have a great weekend

Caroline x






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