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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Neon and other highlights.

Neon and other highlights.

Everyday since Daddy came home with Neon stuff my Daughter has asked me "have you done the neon blog post yet?" the reason she asks is, once this if out there she will be pinching everything from these photos. 

So we have a thing for Neon, I seriously love it, even more so than the first time round back in the eighties! Don't tell me you never had some pink neon socks or a fluorescent wrist band, that was also a handy coin purse. If you lived through the eighties you would have had something neon.

Naomi has her eye on these tapes, soon to disappear into that girlie bedroom never to be seen again. They are so much fun though, from a great little shop called Hema in Paris.


They deliver in the Uk and have a handful of stores here, there are a couple in London, one in Birmingham. Check out their website for more details.

These tapes came from hobby craft another great shop thats hard to leave without a purchase. I love the touch of gold in the design, and the honey comb pattern and triangle.


In our house were are certainly keepers of notebooks and this neutral brown with the neon orange is great.

I think I have a notebook for everything, one for list writing, one for my blog, general writing, taking notes, inspiration, travel, business links. So theres always an excuse for a purchase.

These arrow sticker notes are so handy, useful for marking pages in books or magazines that you want to refer back to. All from Hema.

And if you are a fan of neon then you need these great little markers to highlight and generally have fun with.

A great selection of neon ribbons, why did Davinder buy them? I have no idea! but one thing I do know is he just reacted to the colour and thought we can use these for something! Seriously I don't know how many times we say that! it must be part of our creative make up. So hey watch this space to see how we use them.

When I realised DMC were making Neon embroidery thread it was another one of those moments, purchase now think how to use it later!

Of course I already have a great use for these threads with an exciting customise project coming up so you can definitely watch this space for the use of these fab colours.

I certainly think that memos and calendars can be jazzed up a bit by the use of fun stickers and post it notes. These fun neon stickers also came from Hema. 

Being organised does not come naturally to me since I'm a creative thinker, so a few bits of fun stationary keep me interested in the planning. 

I don't know about you but this morning I've woken up listening to the rain, but with it being the 1st of March I was determined to make today count to the fresh start of the month. We are well on our way into spring, so after a school drop and nursery drop off, I came home for a little work out and shower and then on to some planning. Today is the start of getting our house in order so that will involve getting through a lot of lists, and ticking of a lot of tasks. Its something I am always trying to become better at, but you really do have to set your mind to it with some positive thinking. You need to shake off any sluggish winter mood and get your favourite music on and step to it. I already wrote a list for my kids to begin with, giving them each a little chore that will be their task for the week.

Of course we don't need all this neon stuff we could write our list on the back of an old envelope, but what fun would that be?

I hope you are having a great start to your March and feeling ready to get organised.

The sun is already shining here, after all the rain so thats one step closer to a good day, but if its not shining with you get that music on and start making the day count despite what the weather might be doing.

Caroline x











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