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Kids self-portrait project.

Kids self-portrait project.

We shared the other week about our visit to 'The National Portrait Gallery' The visit inspired us to create our own portraits both of ourselves and others.

This was going to be our 'month of portraits' and keeping that theme has been really helpful as its given focus to the things we observe with our kids and the craft activities we do. 

On this particular day I took pictures of the kids, and printed out their favourite for them to copy.  I know people will say its best to look in a mirror to create a self portrait, this is very true, but for now they are just learning to observe. Drawing from a static image feels more achievable to begin with, you can move onto mirrors later.

All three of our kids had their own unique way of interpreting their portrait and all of them did incredibly well with the task.

Even Joshua was able to observe his photograph really well and his portrait certainly captured his personality and character.

You can just make out the faint outlines of Naomi's portrait, she was very careful to add all the main shapes first.

I love the way that Naomi picked out certain features like her freckles, and also the detail on her top. She intricately drew the bird design with real skill. Naomi loves birds so this portrait was already really reflecting her well.

At first Caleb was not so impressed to do this task, and later admitted thats why he didn't choose a happy image! But it turns out he did enjoy it once we got started, and he did a really great job. Children sometimes just need a little encouraging through the pain barrier, some more than others!

And here is his finished drawing, I thought it was interesting that he also focused on the pattern, we as parents have obviously taught him to observe pattern without even thinking about it. I was really proud of Caleb and his effort, its a great portrait.

I love this finished portrait from Naomi, It was great that she made the decision to add very little colour and to only highlight certain parts. I really want to frame this piece I think its lovely and it reflects her personality so well.

Joshua had great fun with this task and what a collection he created! My favourite though has to be the first one with his wide mouth full of scribbles. Those scribbles for me represent the noise that can come from that little mouth, it sums him up perfectly and its rather comical.

All three of our children are so different and these kind of projects help them to enjoy art and enjoy looking at themselves in a positive way. We can praise them as they create and often they will praise each other which is great to see.

So if you have no plans this weekend why not get some paper and pencils,  print out a picture and see what your kids create. You can suggest that each of them can choose their best piece to be framed, this will add a bit of motivation to try their hardest creating a mini master piece. 

Happy portrait making.

Caroline x









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