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White Vintage Lace

White Vintage Lace

Hello There 

Today I am really excited to share this post with you, its a great little customised project that was so simple to create and using one of my favourite materials, vintage lace.

We have seen a lot of white lace on the catwalk for this season and I always love it, especially the Broiderie-anglaise type lace. 

Designers such as Victoria Beckham, Alberta Ferretti  and Philosophy by Lorenzo Sefafini all used white lace in their spring ready to wear 2016 collections. I love these looks they are so feminine and romantic and I am so attracted to the historical influence and the use of vintage materials in a modern way.

I was instantly taken by the March issue of Vogue's Fashion shoot 'Country Life'. Photographs by Alasdair McLellan and styled by Kate Phelan. The story is beautifully nostalgic sweeping you along like 'Little house on the prairie'.  They have used clothing from the designers mentioned above.

The photoshoot draws you in, and if you are anything like me, transports you to that lovely scene of life in the country without a care in the world. This March issue of Vogue is still available to purchase from most supermarkets and newsagents. Its well worth the purchase as its a great bumper issue this month, packed with all the best fashion info for spring this year.

So when I see a trend like this I can't miss an opportunity to create something for myself to wear that will echo the trend somehow. I'm not going to run through any fields with a long white dress anytime soon, but I can have a piece of this look in my wardrobe.

Welcome again to the faithful Marks and Spencer T.shirt, a great quality value item that will wash and wear well. And in this picture you'll see I have a selection of vintage lace dollies.

Making this design is all about playing with the placement of the lace and where you would like it to fall, so that it creates a perfect yoke design and is in the right place so that its not too revealing. Depending on what lace you are working with will very much determine your design.

Make sure you place a piece of card between the t shirt front and back, then pin out the lace and trim to size. I can not stress enough that tacking your design in place first is essential, so that you can freely machine stitch afterwards and it wont move around. Tacking in white with a fine running stitch is ideal as it will add extra stability and you won't need to remove it after as it will be blended in with the lace.

Once it is all tacked in place you can machine stitch taking your time with it.

keep some pins in place for that extra support to keep the garment stable, when stitching a vintage cotton lace to a lycra stretch fabric theres always going to be a lot of movement.

Once You have stitched the neckline you want to trim away the excess fabric to reveal the original t.shirt neckline, I then tend to cover with a loose spaced satin stitch trying not to stretch out the curve of the neckline as I go. 

Once you have stitched and finished off all the lace placement you can begin to cut away the t.shirt underneath so that your skin will show through. You need to be super careful at this point as one wrong move with those scissors and your project is ruined.

Don't cut away blindly make sure you are feeling along the cutting line with your fingers watch carefully to make sure you don't accidentally cut the lace.

And there you have it a pretty white vintage lace top ready to wear this spring. As you can see I added the same lace design to the sleeves. It was certainly tricky to do as fitting into the narrow sleeve with the sewing machine was quite hard, but thats why tacking into place is so important.

I also added a lace panel to the back, as you can see from the images, good placement is everything! If that lace was too low to reveal bra straps etc it would look tacky and without taste.

Really happy with the way this top has turned out, and it looks really great with my jeans but will also look fab with pretty floral skirts and other denim items.

Teaming this top with my new Neon Joules cardigan from their spring 2016 collection gives it a real spring freshness and see the first image with the neon green beads also from Joules. 

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and make the most of your vintage lace doing a similar project. Let us know how you get in we'd love to hear if you have had a go at creating your own look. 

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Happy sewing guys

Caroline x













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