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London Fashion Week Part 2

London Fashion Week Part 2

After a busy week of travel to Paris, London and then Liverpool over the weekend at a wedding, I finally got to rest last night. I can now reflect more on my trip to London last Friday, and day one of London Fashion Week. There was such an array of pattern, colour and textiles. People expressing themselves from the fabulous extravagant outfits, to the sleek sophisticated outfits. Isn't that what fashion is all about? to reflect your individuality? to express yourself through what you love to wear? 

I know it really inspired Naomi and it definitely inspired me, being able to go down to London Fashion week and capture these moments with our cameras was so much fun. It was great to be part of the buzz with all the Fashionistas. Here is a selection of pictures from the day.

Naomi took this photograph as she loved the embroidery on the coat.




This guys outfit looks great the Oriental embroidery is so on trend. I had fun making him stand out from the crowd by making the background black and white. Not that he needed much help to stand out.

Animal skin is so on trend. Look how she is wearing this stylish jacket mixed with a really casual look with the grey jersey hoodie.

This girl is working the new silver hair look with her white lace dress.

I recognise this great orange printed mac from Hobbs.

Looking great in pink with a fun fur bag and pearlised boots.

There are no rules about what goes with what at London fashion week, really anything goes. And these girls are looking great.

I love this girls indian nose piece jewellery it was simple but definitely got her noticed...

The mint colour mixed with brown, rust and cream is a great combo.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at a snap shot from my day with Naomi and London Fashion week. It certainly has got me thinking more about expressing my creativity through all the projects I get to work on.  I know Naomi was so inspired and she loved getting to have time with me.

Have a great day


White Vintage Lace

White Vintage Lace

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week