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10 things for February half term.

10 things for February half term.

February half term is one of those weeks that we all seem to be really ready for, but the weather is so unpredictable that it can turn out to be a week of being indoors and going stir crazy. I've just thrown together a few simple ideas to make the week fun for all.

1. If the weather is good get outside and enjoy some fresh air, even if its really cold you can wrap up warm, tomorrow could be pouring down so make the most of the sunny days.

2. Bake cakes, this is a perfect activity for a rainy day and cupcakes are fun to make as they can then decorate them later.

3. Put the kids in charge of that nights dinner and make home made pizza, its fun and easy to do and they will love making the dough and adding the toppings.

4. Make pompoms, This craft is so much fun and they are easy to make you could head to your local craft wool shop and let the children pick out their own wool choice.

5. An afternoon of painting always goes down well in our house. You don't need expensive paint to do this activity just a simple palette of watercolours works well.

6. Set the kids some chores to do, you could reward them with chocolate coins or pocket money. Give them a short list of little jobs and let them take some ownership of household tasks.

7. If its been far to cold or wet to play out for long, pop for a treat in your local coffee shop. Take books to read or visit the library, buy hot chocolates all round and quietly sit and enjoy. You may be thinking "quietly? thats not possible!" But honestly you should try it, if you go with the intention of having something for the kids to sit and do, you may get a chapter of a book read yourself or at least a few pages of a magazine.

8. There is nothing better and cheaper than cardboard construction, make sure you wash out all those yogurt pots and milk bottles and collect cereal packets and other packaging. Let them get creative building all kinds of wonderful things.

9. If you have a local craft centre such as a pottery painting place then it's really worth a visit in the holidays, its good to get out and do something different that you don't get to do at home.

10. Visit a museum, most towns and cities have one and its a perfect cold or rainy day activity and its usually free. You could set your kids a task as you look round, things to spot or a project to do when they get home. And with all those chores they have done at home, they should have earned enough pocket money for a little spend in the museum gift shop.

I Hope you find my list of 10 things useful none of its particularly new or original, but sometimes we feel at a loss for ideas so hopefully these 10 things will help.

Have a great half term and lets hope the sun shines for us all week.

Caroline x

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