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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Marks and Spencer Home spring 2016

Marks and Spencer Home spring 2016

When you love a bit of colour like we do, and you react to textiles from amazing prints, textured weaves and sumptuous embroideries then you know the new Marks and Spencer collection is for you. I had popped in to meet a friend the other week and I was taking everything in with excitement.  There I was snapping a few pictures to send to Davinder messaging him with "Have you seen this" Davinder replying  "Yes I've heard their collection is amazing this season"

I knew we would have to feature their products on our blog everything from the product design and quality, its all really lovely.

They have three major stories going on that we really liked. Global Glamour, Graphic brights and Spring blooms.

There is a very clear statement with the indian inspired motifs and patterns. I loved this dressed bed with the indian block print in a simple orange print really understated and authentic looking, with the bold festival indian elephant cushion making more of an impact with the purple elaborate bed sheets. 

The fusion of pattern and the clash of colours on this cushion with the Taj Mahal is just stunning, I think this cushion design would also be amazing framed as a piece of art.

We may need to get this one for our home especially the fact that this iconic indian building is a symbol of love.

Marks and spencer have been really bold with their choices here using these amazing illustrations of indian women, these cushions won't match every home as they are really eclectic in style, but really refreshing to see a range that is not all matching and over styled.

The cushions work well mixed with other themed pieces and I think thats why we react to them so well, as you can really mix it up a lot.

There are some really beautiful textile techniques from applique, weaves, embroidery. And great use of materials and colour.

I love the vibrancy of this cushion and the amazing stitch work and texture. It has a real Peruvian feel to it., especially with the pompom trim.

Again another cushion with amazing wool stitch work and elaborate motifs. The cushion has a print underneath but they have not held back with the embellishment on top. 

Here you can see the detail of the stitch work, just stunning.

Naomi is loving the owl design, its a cute appliqué with colourful indian textiles mixed with a traditional british looking grey check fabric. The mix in origins of fabric and styles is really good.

This is a slightly more traditional embroidered cushion.

I love this Mexican feel Chevron design with the bold black, pink and orange.

Again more beautiful stitch work with beading in softer shades.

Pretty tile design for bedding.

This bedding is part of their spring blooms range.

Love the blend of the hand painted floral and the machine embroidered bird.

This cushion is lovely with its botanical sketches and painterly florals and linear stitched lines.

This beautiful Monet inspired chair caught our attention, along with the cushion. This is certainly a statement piece.

We've whisked through a range of themes there in one lovely blog post. I wonder how many of you are now thinking you need some new cushions to brighten up your home. We all need a bit of colour in our lives, and we think you won't go wrong with Marks and Spencer this season.

Hope you have enjoyed this colourful read.

Have a great day.

Caroline and Davinder. x

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