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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Treasured Family Time.

Treasured Family Time.

Its good to finally be on holiday from school, Christmas is now right around the corner. The one thing we look forward to more than anything else is quality time together. 

Getting wrapped up cosy and warm and taking a walk in the park or countryside, ending up in some cosy coffee shop or restaurant for lunch. These are the sort of days I love.

Making memories, sharing stories, listening to each other if that is possible! And of course plenty of hugs along the way.

Do your kids ever complain when you say we're walking? well join the club ours do! but then when we get out, they soon forget their complaints and enjoy that good fresh air. And with a reward of food at the end its always worth it. 

Naomi walking with her Daddy, she loves her little Cath Kidston back pack.

for more great bags go here http://www.cathkidston.com/bags/home?ctry=GB

Joshua is so cosy in his John Lewis Hat and scarf, we got the boys matching winter coats from Sainsbury's.

for more great boys wear head to John Lewis http://www.johnlewis.com/baby-child/boyswear/c600001345?rdr=1

Caleb's Sainsbury's Christmas jumper is a real hit, not too crazy on the christmas theme and still cool for a 9 year old. His shirt and hat are from H&M.


Naomi loves her embroidered Next jeans and rose gold trainer boots. Her coat was from John Lewis last year, we were inspired to buy it after seeing Paddington at the movies.

jeans in link below.


One of our favourite places to eat and always so child friendly is Pizza Express, Its a great restaurant for both Davinder and I and the kids, we always feel like we can chat together whilst the kids enjoy the colouring brought to the table.

for more info on Pizza Express see link below.


We love Naomi's grey sweatshirt with the embroidered sleeves from Next. Link below.


Of course we love chatting to our kids over dinner to, but these little activities give us a chance to catch up together.

Then when the food comes we tuck in and enjoy. I don't think we ever leave anything to waste.

And of course the kids get to enjoy an ice-cream sundae for dessert.

For us Christmas is about building traditions and this year will be no different we will make sure the most important things happen and that is time together.

I hope you have some great plans this year.

Caroline x

Customised John Lewis tops.

Customised John Lewis tops.

Christmas Joy

Christmas Joy