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Waitrose Little Robin

Waitrose Little Robin

At this time of year we enjoy many of the Christmas advertisements on the television. This year the Waitrose advert really caught our attention, as the beautifully illustrated book written by Michael Morpurgo and illustrated by kerry Hyndman has been brought to life in a wonderful film.

The story follows the dangerous and epic journey of a small Robin migrating to Britain, hoping to meet his female robin friend. To make his way back to his favourite little garden, where a festive feast will await him at the bird table, if he makes it.

Waitrose have commissioned illustrator Kerry Hyndman to illustrate for a range of products in the store, most of their festive food packaging is beautifully illustrated with her lovely winter scenes. Along with much of their gift wrap, tags, napkins, decorations etc.

If you visit the store they are selling these cute bird cookie cutters, Our children love to spot little Robins along with other garden birds, so when Naomi spotted the book for sale along with the cutter we had to buy.

We got these lovely napkins and tea towel.

We used a delicious simple ginger biscuit recipe to make our robins, you only need to find any good baking book and it should have a great recipe for you to use.

There is nothing better than the taste of ginger and chocolate, so to get a lovely robin tail effect we dipped their tails in chocolate. This does thankfully not need to look perfectly smooth, the rougher the better I think.

We used some ready made red icing to create the red tummy and a silver edible ball for the eye.

Simple to make and really effective. 

I have a supply of cellophane bags, once you pop one in a bag they look pretty and shop bought with a lovely bow.

Pick up some lovely festive ribbon and you have a perfect little token gift for someone. I sneaked this little pair through my friends door. If they see this post they will finally know who popped them through.

A book and a gift wrapped robin will make a lovely gift. So get yourself a robin cutter and bake up a storm in time for christmas.

In our house we love the author Michael Morpurgo, the first time Naomi read one of his books she was fixed. I remember going in her room when she had just finished one of his books 'The Butterfly Lion' and she just gasped "wow! Mummy that was the best book I've ever read" He had certainly caught her imagination. 

If you don't know much about this author, certainly go check him out as he has written many wonderful books.

I hope this inspires you today, to bake some gifts and check your child's reading list maybe you need to add some new authors in the mix. I'd love to know your favourites and some other suggestions. Do comment in the link below so others can also see your favourite reads.

Have a great day

Caroline x


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