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Floral Birthday Cake

Floral Birthday Cake

This Morning I just thought I would share this lovely cake with you. It was Naomi's Birthday last week, and I decided to make her a lovely tall pink cake.

Its a four layered cake, and its covered in delicious vanilla butter icing.

These simple flower decorations are from Sainsbury's. I think most large supermarkets stock really fancy cake decorations these days, and you can give your cake a very professional look, without actually being a pro.

I purchased a cake scraper, to kind of smooth around the cake, and was able to add a little food colouring to get this pink ombre effect. When I say cake scraper, think of it looking like something you could de ice your car with!! No really you probably could!

A few sprinkles to make it extra girlie.

The butter icing recipe is so easy, its a ratio of 50g butter to 100g icing sugar, and you can make more or as little as you want, as long as its half the weight in butter to your sugar.

For this cake I used about 200g butter, and 400g of sugar, and I added a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

I am certainly not a professional cake maker, I just love making cakes for my family, and each time I make a cake I pick up a new skill or idea. U Tube is full of 'how to' films to inspire, go and have a search to get some useful butter icing and cake tips.

Hopefully you will feel inspired to have a go at making a cake like this for someone, perhaps you could create your own festive version for Christmas.

Now that I've made you all hungry Happy baking.

Caroline x


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