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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

A Royal Nature Walk.

A Royal Nature Walk.

Today I've been thinking about our wonderful time in the summer. We visited Sandringham estate for a week, in our little old Caravan, and it was wonderful. 

We were in the heart of the woodland estate surrounded by nature and well, caravans!

Sandringham is in Norfolk and its a beautiful part of the country, top of our list on this holiday was to visit Sandringham house itself, the Queens much loved second home.

We can't show you an awful lot from the visit into the house, as we were not allowed to take pictures. But one thing I will say is, if you get the chance to visit, you should, as its the most wonderful experience. To take a look around the grand yet homely royal rooms is fascinating. 

One thing that struck me about Sandringham was how wonderful the staff were, I don't think I have ever met staff, who took such immense pride in their job like they did. They were full of knowledge about the Royals and they were both insightful and respectful. I could have spent hours in the house, you felt like you could have asked staff about any object in the room, and it would have a story to tell, and they the staff would tell it. It was very impressive.

Here is a glimpse of the house between the trees.

We were able to walk to the house from where we stayed, and enjoyed a brilliant nature walk with the kids. This is something we love to do as a family, spending time together, enjoying the countryside and nature and being outdoors.

Trekking through the woodland.

The sun was so hot, we were able to shelter under some of the trees.

Love the different shades of green in the bracken.

Caleb armed with his dried bracken, and wooden dagger in hand.

We collected all sorts of nature treasure, as I like to call it. These pinecones will make great christmas decorations later on.

And spotted some pretty marvellous things.

Joshua with his feather, don't worry he didn't eat it!

Eventually we came to a fantastic adventure playground, and the kids had a new found energy after their long walk. 

Of course we did also reward them with ice-cream. 

Sandringham gardens are amazing, full of wonderful plants trees and flowers. My pictures don't even begin to capture it all.

Amazing colours and shades.

Beautiful flowers

perfectly trimmed lawns

Magnificent old trees. 

And there you have it one last view of the house. Some of the Queens fondest memories are at this place, and I can certainly say we have a lasting memory for our family. I would really recommend you add this to your list of things to do when visiting Norfolk, it truly is a day to remember. Simply wonderful.

Davinder and I find days like this so inspiring.

If you have time with your family this weekend, why not make the most of these wonderful Autumn days, and get out there collect leaves, acorns, pinecones, feathers, conkers. Just enjoy the outdoors, it will do you the world of good.

Caroline x 

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