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A festive Pom Pom Garland

A festive Pom Pom Garland

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I make no apology for posting a christmas post today, after all if you love getting creative for Christmas, you need to start early.

When we've been out and about shopping we've seen lots of festive pom pom ideas. If you have followed our blog you'll know we love a pom pom trend.

Pom Pom's are so easy to make, and they are a fun activity you can do with kids, so why not have a go at this festive pom pom garland, to decorate your home with this Christmas season.

I've chosen to use this Bergere De France Yarn as its inexpensive, I bought it from John Lewis who have a good stock of expensive and lower costing yarn. If you are like me and want to be super coordinated then choose a selection of new yarn, or you can head to your wool stash if you have one, and use up all different ends of yarn for a more random design.

I also picked up this Pretty twine in John Lewis, from 'The Makery' For stockists see below


Start by making your pom poms, I got about 8 in total from one ball of wool. I love these new clever pom pom makers, they make the process of making pom poms, far more speedy and less fuss. Of course the simple card discs will work to.

Once you have them all made, give them a good trim to neaten them up.

Then attach them to the twine with several knots to keep them secure.

And thats it, a fun simple but effective pom pom garland, easy!!


Whats so great about this idea is you don't have to have super sewing skills to make it. Honestly you don't.

For clever storage and tangle prevention, take a strong piece of card and cut some notches down each edge, to wrap your garland around till you are ready to use. If you keep it neat like this, it should be good to use for many years to come.

Happy Pom Pom Making

Caroline x


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