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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Flower Market Cupcakes

Flower Market Cupcakes

Recently we have shared lots from this gorgeous flower market range on the blog, but you may not have seen these lovely bake items. As many readers will know Davinder works as a print designer for Sainsbury's. When new ranges come out, we love to head into store to see how everything looks. As Davinder works as part of a design team, he is never always sure where his designs will end up, like these cute cup cake cases.

Seeing his lovely hand painted design on these, and being an avid baker, I had to buy.

Then there are these tins, and believe me there is more in store I resisted very well! But then I saw this apron!

Did I need a new apron? No! But did that matter? of course not, Davinder designed the print I had to buy it!

This apron feels so seasonal with the lovely rustic dark pink, and on a practical note the patch pocket is always super handy on an apron. I love how the designer has made a feature of it with the cream trimmed edge and the bright pink for the pocket and ties. 

I always like to make a big batch of cake mixture, as I am usually giving the cakes away, and I need to keep a batch for home for the kids to enjoy. Boy would I be trouble if I didn't save them some.

These lovely oven gloves are also part of the flower market range.

One batch ready to take out and cool.

I like to pipe butter icing to decorate when making a large batch of cakes as its quick and effective.

I've used ready made flowers to decorate, along with edible gold leaf and sprinkles. All bought from Sainsbury's.

Don't they look pretty.

Now to place them in these lovely cake tins, I so needed.

These cakes are making their way to school for the Friday bake sale, I am pretty sure I will be buying three back this afternoon for my lovelies. All for a good cause. x

Sainsbury's have also designed these beautiful gift boxes, perfect for taking a little package of cake for a friend. How much would this cheer someones day to get these!

These cakes will be heading somewhere to bless someone today.

I can't do all that baking and not taste test them.

Hmm Delicious, with a cup of tea.

Hope you feel inspired to get baking for and bless a friend, or bake for a good cause, or simply bake with, or for your kids.

Whatever you do have a great weekend.

Caroline x

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