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We Love The Red Squirrel.

We Love The Red Squirrel.

Spotting a red squirrel when out on a lovely walk is always such a treat, sadly they are less common due to the not so nice intruder the grey squirrel.

Thats why spotting our lovely British native red, is always one of natures treasures when out and about. 

Red Squirrels do not hibernate during the winter, so there is always a chance you might spot one this autumn season, as leaves fall, leaving bare branches, making it easier to spot them.

As many readers know we love 'The National Trust', and on their site they have a list of top places to potentially spot them.

Check out the National trust link here


What better way to spend time with family, than to get out for a lovely country walk and enjoy this season.

National trust offers so much for everyone and once you have joined you can really enjoy the benefits, here we are taking a walk out at Charlecote park.

You probably won't spot a red squirrel if you are doing this with leaves, when your out and about. Perhaps the tip toe approach might be better, always a tall order for our three!!!

My brother captured this little gem of a photograph and was happy for me to share it on the blog.

But if you can't spot a furry red friend, just make one to have in your home all the time, in the form of a cushion. Well thats what I did recently, and I would love to share this lovely design with you.

I'm a big fan of using felt in my work, its brilliant for holding its shape and structure in an appliqué. You can get such amazing colours in felt.

Using animals in home designs has become so popular recently, I think this reflects how much we are a nation of animal lovers. Bringing a little of nature into our home especially at this time of year, is just what we love to do.


This design began with a little sketch to get the squirrel shape spot on, then I did a very precise line drawing, then cut out in the felt with great precision. I then attach the design to the cushion base using a special fabric bonding material, often called bondaweb. I then stitch around every section as neatly as possible.

I piped the cushion with a nice bright orange, I think piping really finishes off a cushion well.

I've added a zip opening, which once closed is completely concealed into the cushion edge, since the zip also sits at the bottom side of the cushion, its well and truly tucked away when on display.

I hope you like it, let me know your thoughts in the comment box. This cushion is going to be available in our Etsy shop, so watch this space for more updates on Etsy products and items available. Every item on Easy will be limited edition or one off design so you'll always need to be quick if you want it.

Heres the link.


This week seems set to give us some more glorious Autumn weather so get out there and enjoy the fresh air of this wonderful season.

It will make you smile 

And put a spring in your step. These shiny new rose gold shoes from Next girls, have certainly put a spring in Naomi's step. If you like them check out the link.


Have a great day.

Caroline x







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A Royal Nature Walk.

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