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Davinder and Caroline Madaher 

Liberty skirt

Liberty skirt

I love dress making its something I used to do all the time when living at home with my parents, My Mum taught me to sew and she is most definitely the reason I love sewing, crafting and making things.

Most of my clothes were homemade by my Mum and I loved it, I think thats where my interest in fashion came from I loved being original and I loved my Mum's style. I also worked in my local fabric shop every Saturday so was always coming home with new fabrics to sew into wonderful creations.

So it came as no surprise that I ended up taking a degree in Textile design and going on to work in that field.

Of course over the past years I have been full time Mum working on the odd free lance project here and there between children. Dress making became something I had little time for.

I recently decided it was time to dust off the dress making skills and treat myself to some lovely fabric and make something to wear. My ideal shop for fabric of course is Liberty.

If you have never been to Liberty then you really have to visit its the most beautiful shop and the fabric designs are gorgeous.

Even if you have no interest in fabric you will enjoy the experience of visiting this shop with its beautiful architecture and the wonderful old atmosphere of the building filled with modern products its really wonderful. www.Liberty.co.uk

I bought a metre of the colourful poppy design purely because I reacted to the colours and I hasten to add not because I knew it would match a favourite jumper I had. Of course I had to do a little more shopping to complete the outfit once the skirt was made. 

I decided to use this simplicity pattern as I loved the look of the flattering waistband and pocket, always a useful thing to have a hidden pocket. I did try it out in a cheaper fabric first only because it had been a while since I had sewn, and I was not confident about my sizing and did not want to ruin the expensive liberty fabric.

When I had made the skirt once over I was confident that it was a good style for me and the fit would be good. If you are a new to sewing I can't recommend this method enough, there is nothing worse than creating a complete mess from some expensive loved fabric, or end up with an ill fitting garment.

You can always buy some cheap calico and make a basic outfit from the pattern called a toile a basic mock-up of your garment. A toile will help you understand your shape and will ensure you have success with your project.

If you want a great place to search online for patterns I often look at www.jaycotts.co.uk they have a good selection and often have some great pattern offers and speedy delivery.

Its also nice to choose your fabric and browse the pattern books so if you have a good fabric shop near you they should stock all the very best patterns.

I'd also recommend that you choose a fabric that is easy to work with if this is a first project. This Liberty brushed cotton I used is perfect as its good quality, and it stays reasonably firm for you to have control and stitch without it sliding about. 

I was so pleased with the way this skirt turned out and was really looking forward to wearing it out and about, I want to add I also lined this skirt as I wanted to give it a more professional finish. This is not something you have to do, but I can tell you it makes a huge difference when you wear it.

I love how my red chunky beads bring out the poppy red colour and I managed to bring out that lovely bright mustard yellow with a cashmere polo neck from Marks and spencer.

I teamed up my skirt with my lovely new red coat from Hobbs a christmas present from my lovely husband Davinder, and for comforts sake my little brown boots that have been my favourite this winter from Rieker. They are so cosy as they are fleecy lined with wool, and since it was such a cold day I had to have the cosy cable scarf and warm pom pom hat.



All in all I felt like I was adding a splash of colour to the streets of London on this rather grey cold day. 

The streets of London also gave us some colourful photo opportunities it has to be said, to capture some fun shots.

Well I hope this post has inspired you to dust off your sewing machine and make yourself something unique. Perhaps you have been wondering about purchasing a sewing machine and want some advice. Leave your comments and questions below or head to our Facebook page and I can answer any queries there.

Happy sewing and happy dressmaking everyone.

Caroline x






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